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The 2005 Mac Gathering in the News

The Mac Gathering is picking up some nice preshow coverage and several people are set to cover it during the show as well.

April 26: Hint&Tips, Macintosh newsletter and website

April 23: Leo Laporte The Tech Guy on KFI [11a-2p Sat/Sun] **
(I had blogs on my mind so don't be thrown off when I misspeak about Shelly Brisbin; she's doing podcasting.)

April 19:, posted by Trent

April 12: MacMusic

April 12:, by Robin Rowe

April 12:, by Jim Mitchell

April 12: Macsimum News, by Dennis Sellers

April 8: Applelinks, by Gary Coyne

April 8: LA Final Cut Pro User Group message board

April 7: WebProWire, the internet professionals's newswire

April 6: Macworld News, by Peter Cohen

April 6: CVMUG Bulletin Board by Chuck Smith

April 6: The Mac Observer, by staff

April 6: Mac Roundup

April 6: World-of-Newave

April 6: Zicos, your shortcut to news

April 6:

April 6:

April: The West Orange County Mac User Group

April: MacSurfer's Headline News


April: TechRepublic


April: Shelly's WebSpot

April:'s self-posted event listings


Live Show Coverage

For coverage during the show stay tuned to these sites

** The Leo Laporte radio segment was recorded on tape by a listener, then played into my Mac with a Griffin Technology iMic and captured using Rogue Amoeba's Audio Hijack Pro.

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