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Friday Courses (2005 show)

On this business day before the expo we offer courses well worth a missed office day. What you learn should easily pay off in time-savings back at work.

We have a special free seminar sponsored by Microsoft, plus fantastic courses in both FileMaker Pro and Corel Painter. In-depth courses are separate from the Seminar Tracks and Exhibits admission. Each is $199.

Free Microsoft SeminarFileMaker BootcampPainter Bootcamp

Free Seminar!       2:00 - 5:00

How Microsoft Entourage & Virtual PC 7 Can Help You
Work Smarter – At Home, In Your Small Business, or in Large Organizations

Are you overwhelmed by the quantity of e-mail, documents, meetings and phone numbers you need to run your home and office? Have you been wondering how you can link Entourage to the Exchange server at work? And while all your friends and co-workers know that you love your Mac more than anyone, do you find yourself occasionally needing to access Windows only files, applications and networks?

Help is here!

This in-depth session, hosted by a member of Microsoft’s own Macintosh software development team, shows you how to put both Entourage and Virtual PC to work to help you work smarter at home and at the office.

In Part I of this free three-hour seminar you’ll learn how to take advantage of the organizational powers of Entourage’s Project Center. See how simple it is to take control of your information and keep it within easy reach.

You’ll also discover the latest Entourage 2004 advancements for Exchange environments and see why Entourage 2004 is the e-mail client for Exchange users running Mac OS X.

In Part II, get an in-depth look at Virtual PC 7, the application that makes it possible to run a full Windows operating system right on your Mac. Join us for expert guidance on such topics as connecting your Mac to a Windows only network, adding PC only devices and peripherals, and tips for maximizing performance on your virtual machine. Learn how Virtual PC will expand the power and functionality of your Mac.

This seminar is 100% free — you don't need an Exhibits or Seminars pass to attend!

If you're planning on attending, help us plan properly by

Walk-in attendance is also welcome.

We encourage you to invite everyone who may be interested.


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FileMaker Pro Bootcamp — In-Depth Course for Mac & Windows Users
Anton Anderson

Friday, 10am-5pm — $199 (lunch included!)

Ready to start using FileMaker Pro to track your data, run your business, move up from Excel, or such — except for the fact that you don't really know FMP yet?

This full day intensive will take you from beginner to proficient user.
You will learn:

  • How to plan and begin building effective databases in FileMaker
  • How data is stored and presented in FileMaker Pro
  • How the fundamentals of how a relational database works
  • How to create screens for entry and reporting of data, data sorting, and searching of that data
  • How to create custom reports
  • You will also be introduced to FileMaker Pro's easy, yet powerful scripting environment
  • How to avoid the common database pitfalls that arise as your database solutions becomes more complex
  • How to make FileMaker's legendary ease of use even easier for people using your database
  • Scripting
  • Database security

Along the way you will pick up several tips and tricks Anton has compiled in his 15+ years of developing custom database solutions.

Bring your PowerBook/iBook/laptop with you, if you like, for a truly hands-on learning experience!


Corel Painter IX Quick Start — In-Depth Course for Mac & Windows Users
Karen Sperling

Friday, 10am-1pm + 2pm -5pm — $199 (lunch included!)

Is Painter sitting on your computer unopened? Are you using just a couple of brushes, but not taking advantage of Painter?

Then this class is for you.

This full day intensive will show you what you need to get up and running in Corel Painter IX.

You will learn:

  • How to get around the user interface and where everything is
  • The 10-12 most frequently used brushes--it's nice that Painter has 400 brushes, but find out which ones are the workhorses.
  • The most frequently used brush editing tools, and how to save and delete changes
  • The uses of cloning and Tracing Paper for turning photos into paintings or adding painterly touches to photos. The information also applies to paintings created from scratch
  • An overview of how to work with layers and selections in Painter, and how to swap them in and out of Photoshop

Along the way you will pick up several tips and tricks that Karen has compiled in her 14+ years of writing about, teaching and painting with Corel Painter.

Painter is five times the size of Photoshop and you won't be an expert in Painter after just one day.

But by the end of the day you will know the fundamentals for using Painter's brushes, Tracing Paper and layers for either painting from scratch, turning photos into paintings or adding painterly touches to photos.

Bring your PowerBook/iBook/laptop with you, if you like, for a truly hands-on learning experience!


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