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Help Desk (2005 show)

During most of the Exhibit hours, we'll have a Help Desk open. Professional experts invite you to bring your questions, problems, and anything technical you might want to know!

Meet the experts

Andrew Farley, aka the übergeek , Expert Systems Support Specialist and Technical Consultant handles all sorts of issues full-time for a major creative company that uses mostly Macs but also PCs. His work-mates and friends have actually dubbed him nicknamed him "übergeek." Andrew sure likes a challenge; he has volunteered to work through the weekend helping anyone who comes to the Mac Gathering's Exhibits.

Questions can include any technology, any operating system (Mac OS 8+, DOS/Windows3.1+, Linux/Unix), any piece of hardware almost any consumer would use including some audio/video equipment, MIDI, USB, FireWire, ATA, SCSI, USB, PCI, AGP, ISA, PCI Express, Video cards, sound cards, Drivers (on Windows/Mac/Linux), building a computer from scratch, jumpers, hard drives, CD-roms, wireless, ethernet, modems, networking, etc.

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Mark Hartman, Mac consultant, ACN has over 30 year of experience supporting computers. He can tell you what time a cron job runs, explain how data flows in the Mac's hardware, and other super-tech stuff. More importantly, he can help you solve your problems and help you find solutions on your own when someone like him is not around.

Mark is the main technician for the Mac Gathering so he'll be busy with that, but will be at the Help Desk to help you out whenever we can spare him.

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Chris Keller, Consultant Alliance is on the road daily, setting up offices and doing all sorts of support.

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