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MacGathering 2005 Speakers

The Regional Macintosh Gathering has attracted an amazing line-up of speakers.
We invite you to meet them now.

~ Anton Anderson ~ Jim Banister ~ Shelly Brisbin ~ Raul Campos ~ Adam Christianson ~
~ Jack Davis ~ Tony Edwards ~ Andrew Farley ~ Bruce Gerson ~ Gautam Godse ~ Mark Hartman ~
~ Mark Jeffrey ~ Elena-Beth Kaye ~ Chris Keller ~ Dan Klass ~ Scott Knaster ~ Michael Leventhal ~
~ Jonathan Levit ~ Fielden Lundy ~ Jim Mitchell ~ David Palermo ~ Jerry Rabow ~
~ Joyce Schwarz ~ Andrew Shalat ~ Steven Shmerler ~ Karen Sperling ~ Ralph Strauch ~


Anton Anderson with Deb ShadovitzAnton Anderson — Seminar Instructor

Anton has a broad background in applications programming and graphic design. He is the Senior Partner of Productivity Consulting, based in the Pasadena area. Over the years Anton has been involved with a large number of locally, nationally, and internationally-focused projects as part of his consultancy. His practice is focused upon solutions, based on a strategy emphasizing utility within a business's work flow and corporate psyche. This philosophy of helping computers work with people has proven effective in a wide variety of businesses, ranging from publishers to sole proprietorships to large companies, often advising directly the principals of these firms.

Anton has been a featured speaker at industry trade shows and private seminars since 1990, presenting solutions geared toward small businesses and start-up ventures. Additionally he is a member of several professional organizations.

Anton started in technology as a youth, working as a part of 1984 Olympics Technology staff. Attending Dartmouth College, he worked as a student consultant for the Computer Resource Center, providing phone and personal support for an 8,000+ user networked campus. Graduating with a combined degree — Computer Science and Visual Arts — Anton remained as Assistant Director for the center. In late 1989, he returned to Los Angeles to found Productivity Consulting, building upon a client base he had been developing since 1986.


Jim Banister — The Rise of Mac Media Panelist

Jim has spent 20 years successfully crossing content with technology. He is the founder of Spectrum MediaWorks, a programming and services company serving the confluent industries of television, electronic games and networked media; and he is the author of Word of Mouse: The New Age of Networked Media (Agate Fine Print, August 2004). He has been a successful entrepreneur in computer animation, a film and television producer, a studio executive, an expert in networked-media programming and a groundbreaking engineer working in the area of visual simulation.

Career high-notes include:
Six years at Warner Bros. as Chief Development Officer and Executive Vice President of Warner Bros. New Media;
Director of Multi-Media and Post Production for the Steven Spielberg's Survivors of the Shoah Visual History Project;
Producer of award-winning one-hour dramatic television specials for the Walt Disney Company;
Producer of two short subject films, both of which premiered at the Cannes Film Festival:
President of Applied Visual Computing, where he produced and directed high-end computer animation for high-fidelity simulations for industries such as accident reconstruction, aerospace, defense and NAS:
Director of TRW's Engineering Visualization Center (EVC), first of its kind in the world.


Shelly Brisbin — Seminar Instructor

Shelly comes to the MacGathering from Austin, Texas, has probably been involved in many an item you've read if you've been reading about Mac for much of its years. She has written 10 books and hundreds of articles for magazines including Macworld, NetProfessional, The Net, NewMedia, WebTechniques, and SunWorld. For 4 1⁄2 years she was the networking editor for MacUser Magazine.

Her real-world expertise comes from jobs such as being Managing Editor/Technology at Powered Inc., Webmaster, system administrator, and consultant.

Shelly is part of the main feature in MacAddict's current issue and her current book is The MacAddict Guide to Living the iLife. In her free time, she manages a music-related Web site and mailing list.


Raul Campos — Seminar Instructor

Raul, an LA native hosts the week-nightly show Nocturna on KCRW, the station at the heart of LA's music scene as well as Saturday night's mega-mixes for Power Tools on Power 106 FM, the longest running underground mix show in Los Angeles.

Raul is also in great demand as a club DJ and has been billed at some of LA's biggest parties with many of the worlds top DJs including Paul Oakenfold, Ron Trent, Static Revenger, Armand Van Helden and Mark Farina. He can also be found spinning at various special events around the country for clients such as Jaguar, Nokia and Fredericks Of Hollywood. Raul has also opened for musical acts including Stevie Wonder, Martin Gore of Depeche Mode, Sheila E, Supreme Beings of Leisure and Lionel Richie. He is currently busy producing music with his production partner Jake DeVere. Known as Brothers Behind the Light, they are currently slotted to release their first E.P. featuring The Supreme Beings of Leisure and F.A.M. on Binary Soul.


Adam Christianson — iPod Panelist

Adam started writing BASIC programs on an Apple IIe in the early 80s, then got his own first Apple — a IIGS. He made it through college on a Mac Plus, then migrated to a Performa 575 while working in pre-press for a Portland, OR adv agency. In Portland, with the help of the local Mac User Group (PMUG), he made friends with other Mac Geeks and officially joined the Cult of Macintosh. He quickly moved from pre-press to IT, while freelancing in web design development under the name Terraform Creative.

After and brief stint on the PMUG board of directors, he and his shiny new B&W G3 moved to San Diego to dry out and he began a new life as a Software Engineer, seeking out new Mac Geeks in the San Diego Macintosh Users Group (SDMUG). Adam currently serves on the Board of Directors for SDMUG, as well as the Board of the San Diego Computer Society (SDCS).

In August 2004, he discovered Podcasting and became instantly addicted. In early December 2004 he put out the first MacCast and he hasn't stopped since. He currently produces and publishes 3 MacCasts a week — having a great time doing it. The Macintosh and the Mac community continue to amaze and inspire him; he's happy to be one of the crazy ones.


Jack DavisJack Davis — Seminar Instructor

Jack is best known as the co-author of the award-winning and best-selling Guide to Photoshop, The Photoshop Wow! Book, as well as for being an award-winning designer, photographer, and contributing editor to numerous other books and magazines on digital tools and the creative process. Magazines he contributes to include Photoshop User, Nikon Capture User, and PEI. His latest book, How to Wow: Photoshop for Photography, written with Ben Willmore, showcases his addiction with digital cameras, and the process of going beyond what was captured, to what was experienced.

For over 20 years Jack has been an internationally-recognized creative spokesperson on digital imagery. He has given keynote addresses at conferences and universities throughout the US, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Canada, Brazil, and Australia as well as leading numerous hands-on workshops around the U.S. and abroad. Jack routinely teaches as part of the "Dream Team" at the National Association of Photoshop Professional's Photoshop World Conferences, where was recently inducted into the Photoshop Hall of Fame for his life-time contributions in the field of education and digital imagery.

Jack has an undergraduate degree in Graphic Design and an MA and MFA in Digital Imagery. When not in his studio he's usually on the beach somewhere in Polynesia with digital camera and analog paints soaking up the local color.


Tony Edwards — Seminar Instructor

Tony Edwards has been supporting the Mac platform for more than 10 years. He has worked as an independent consultant, taught classes for The Learning Annex and gave presentations on Apple solutions for Creative Computers in Santa Monica. Tony also spent three years as an Apple retail representative, working with one of the largest Apple retailers in Southern California. Tony is currently employed by Apple as a Mac Genius.


Andrew Farley — Seminar Instructor

Andrew has been addicted to computing since the days of being a child video gaming savant in the 80s. With family ensconced at Apple Computer, Andrew was naturally led to Mac automation. Following his interests, Andrew has had some remarkable computing experiences. During the process of obtaining a degree in computer science, Andrew spent two summer internships at Apple's in the Wireless Technologies group, driving Apple's network and IT security staff a little nutty!

Andrew has created numerous distinct and innovative projects. He and his partner in NeonSurge created prototypes for low-cost workgroup network storage and media distributions systems. This novel device enabled network data sharing for all common OS platforms and file systems, based on their custom Linux kernel, an error-tolerant file system, with web and ftp support. They developed variants of this device for clients providing streaming media services. Andrew has also designed, implemented, and supported database-driven commercial transaction-oriented web sites. Just a few months ago, Andrew and two associates created the 3rd highest rated game in the uDevGames contest in only 2 months and was honored by being invited to show the game at the January 2005 Macworld Expo.

Andrew presently works as a System Support Specialist at TBWA\Chiat\Day supporting a large Mac and PC user base. He passionately loves helping people with their computer problems. Andrew's interests include learning scripting languages, wireless technologies, networking, cryptography, security, and game programming theory. He also finds himself spending more time in the OS X Terminal window than all other programs (including the Finder). He welcomes discussions on Macs vs. PCs, data conversion, and Linux.


Bruce Gerson — Seminar Instructor

Bruce has over eighteen years experience computers from the time he started as a student at UCLA in the late Sixties. Since then he's worked for some of the "giants" of the industry including Banyan, Sterling, Novell and Apple. Bruce holds several industry certifications including that of Apple Solution Expert.

By the way, Bruce can share some living history stories: his first consulting work was on an application for AppleWriter for the Apple II and III. He was the first authorized Lisa dealer in the Los Angeles area and one of the first resellers to be shown and trained on the Macintosh prior to its 1984 introduction. He was also responsible for some of the first installations of Novell NetWare and 3Com/Microsoft LAN Manager (the predecessor of Windows NT/2000) and some of the largest installations of Banyan VINES in Southern California.


Gautam GodseGautam Godse — Seminar Instructor

Gautam, a Software Projects Manager, is a UNIX programmer by trade, and made the switch to the MacOS based on it's UNIX underpinnings.

If Gautam seems familiar to you, it's because he really is a Switcher. (In fact, after the last Macworld Expo keynote, Steve Jobs recognized and approached him to talk.)


Mark HartmanMark Hartman — Seminar Instructor

Mark is a certified member of the Apple Consultants Network, has over 30 years in the computer industry in Southern California.

He actually started college studying pre-med biochemistry, but discovering that computers are far more co-operative than microbes, Mark moved into computer science. After working for several small software companies and third-party systems suppliers, he started his own computer services and consulting firm which later merged with a full-service computer company, becoming Vice-President of Engineering for that firm. When Apple released the Macintosh, he left to start Mark Hartman Computer Solutions and has been consulting for individuals, business and government since. His industry experience includes financial, transportation, manufacturing, entertainment, education, communications, and medical — and more.


Mark Jeffrey — iPod & Rise of Mac Media Panelist

Mark Jeffrey has spent most of his life as an entrepreneur.

"The Pocket and the Pendant," a scifi/fantasy novel described as a cross between Narnia and Stargate, (, released in paperback 2004, is his first novel and podcast.

He has co-founded three online media companies, the most recent of which was sold to Barry Diller's IAC in 2004. His first project, The Palace, was backed by Time Warner and had an audience of over 10 million users, and was selected as one of 'The Best of 1996' by Entertainment Weekly. Mark has been named as one of Hollywood's '50 Creatives To Watch' by Variety magazine. Jeffrey has been covered by Time Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, CNN, CBS, Forbes, Entertainment Weekly, Rolling Stone, Playboy, Wired, ZDTV, and USA Today. Mark Jeffrey also founded SuperSig, Inc., an advanced HTML email product company and was a featured speaker at the first Harvard University Conference on the Internet and Society.

He lives in Santa Monica CA, where he producing the podcast audiobook version of "The Pocket and the Pendant" and writing the next book in the series.


Elena-Beth KayeElena-Beth Kaye — Seminar Instructor

Elena-Beth was a long-time trainer at Mac Emporium (NYC) and Mac Universe (Tarzana), which both had excellent international reputations. She has been teaching people how to use Apple computers since 1984, when Citibank sent her to twenty branches to teach employees how to use Direct Access, their first bank-by-computer program. She has since worked with training centers such as the Computer Factory, the New York Mac User Group (NYMUG board member), and the Los Angeles Macintosh Group. She was a repeat speaker at the original MacFair-LA, and is pleased to be asked back to Mac Gathering. For the last six years, Elena, an ACHDS certified member of the Apple Consultants Network, has run her own referral-based business as a private Mac tutor and consultant, teaching everyone from celebrities to their grandmothers.

When she's not doing Mac work she's usually performing; she received a Regents diploma from Art & Design, a BFA in Drama from NYU. As a storyteller she's been featured at CTMS folk festivals. She also appears as a radio drama recreation actress. Visit to learn more.


Chris Keller — Seminar Instructor

Chris dared me to write his bio for him. :)
By day Chris is Chief Technical Officer of Consultant Alliance and many a business depends on him to keep their computer systems running.

I know Chris from his years of presenting to, running the meetings of, and helping with Q&A for the San Gabriel Valley Mac User Group (SGVMUG). He knows his stuff and I'm happy to have pulled him on board.


Dan Klass — iPod Panelist

Throughout his career, Dan Klass has worked as an advertising copywriter, written magazine articles, directed music videos and worked producing content for interactive video systems for Ideal Toys.

Dan has worked predominantly as an actor and comedian for more than 15 years, appearing in sitcoms, TV dramas and feature films while performing in venues throughout LA, including appearing regularly at the world-famous The Comedy Store. Recently Dan was the creator/writer/producer/star of NewsPop, an animated series for a joint internet venture between DreamWorks SKG and Imagine Entertainment. 

Dan is currently devoting most of his time to his podcasts, the weekly Old Wave Radio, a retro-80’s music show, and the much acclaimed twice-weekly The Bitterest Pill, a comedy/talk show that revolves around his musings as a stay-at-home dad on the outskirts of the entertainment industry.   The Bitterest Pill has been featured on NBC, Fox, NPR and in and the Christian Science Monitor.   

Dan is the co-author of “Podcast Solutions,” to be released by Friends of ED publishing this summer.  He has just recently launched, a podcasting production and consulting group. Dan lives in Los Angeles with his wife, two kids and two Macs.


Scott KnasterScott Knaster — Seminar Instructor

Scott has seen the world from both sides; he worked at Apple (and was even part of the very first team to work on an OS 7/8/9 replacement) and then went to work at Microsoft. He drew the line at moving to north to the main campus though. He went on to work for General Magic, going in the direction of handheld devices (PDAs). Now he's back in the Mac fold, authoring books such as Hacking iPod + iTunes as well as Mac Toys. His books are also quite useful to Windows users though; they've got iPod and iTunes too. Check out his Hacking iPod + iTunes web site/blog. Actually, he's been authoring for a long time as you can see at Amazon.


Michael LeventhalMichael Leventhal — Seminar Instructor

Michael is a partner at Praxis LLP, and a long-time specialist in new media law. He provides intellectual property protection, contract negotiation, and business/legal consulting for folks on all ends of the situation. Additionally, his entertainment practice includes the representation of musicians, record producers, record labels, managers, film/television production companies, directors, producers, and the occasional actor.

You can read his bio in depth at his legacy website, and visit his partnership website at for an overview of the services Praxis provides.


Jonathan LevitJonathan Levit — Seminar Instructor

Jonatha has fast become one of the premiere trainers in desktop publishing technologies.

With a background in advertising and graphic design, Jonathan joined the ranks of Quark, Inc at their Denver headquarters. There he received the technical knowledge required to understand the intricacies of QuarkXPress and surrounding products. He also become a member of the training team and a founding member of the Quark Evangelist team — where he honed his skills as a trainer and speaker on all things Quark. The Quark experience fostered a progression into the workings and utilization of Adobe InDesign. Now, as an ACE certifi ed trainer, Jonathan has been introducing and consulting companies to the world of desktop publishing and design as they work with Adobe InDesign. He has also been the driving force migrating scores of companies from QuarkXPress to InDesign.

Jonathan's background and history as a performer and actor have aided in his ability to communicate with small or large groups and to instruct in a way that encourages learning. He conveys knowledge in an understandable way as he creates a fun atmosphere. You can learn more about him at


Fielden LundyFielden Lundy — Seminar Instructor

Fielden has been creating all of his life. From art to graphics to model making to photography. He studied for an engineering degree because he wanted to design cars. Along the way he found the designing more appealing than the engineering. But digital art gave his degree new life and meaning as it helped him to understand technology, use it effectively, and explain it to others. Macs have been a part of his life for over 15 years. He enjoys teaching, encouraging and finding ways to use the latest technology.

He has done graphic work for Nissan, Toyota and other car companies, most of the major aerospace companies, individuals and manufacturing clients. He has designed and produced presentations for litigators, software companies and major corporations. His graphic and photographic work has been published.


Jim MitchellJim Mitchell — Seminar Instructor

Jim started out with an SE/30 and a whole lot of love for his Mac. It was during those early years using PageMaker, Freehand and Photoshop that he learned the importance of keeping his system in tip-top shape. Now a system administrator (among other things) with over 20 years of user support under his belt, Jim's ongoing projects help keep the Macs of others running smoothly and efficiently.

Based in Huntington Beach (Surf City), California, Jim started his own business, like many Mac-folk, as a graphic design artist. As his business grew, he found himself committing more and more time to creating business solutions, which ultimately led him to change gears, becoming a full time systems administrator and FileMaker developer.

As his efforts began to focus on servicing Mac OS X workstations, Jim saw the need to create a simple, yet effective tool for OS X administrators that would allow them to quickly address routine maintenance issues. This vision led to his development of Yasu (Yet another system utility), which has become very popular with both system administrators, and regular users alike.

Currently, Jim works with private businesses and non-profit surfing organizations around the Orange County area, helping them solve their business and operational needs. Learn more about Jim at


David PalermoDavid Palermo — Seminar Instructor

David is one of the leading experts in the emerging field of Photographic Virtual Reality. His Santa Barbara-based company, WorldVR, brings places to life on your computer screen.

David worked at Apple Computer for seven years and was Product Mangager for QuickTime and QuickTime VR — the multimedia VR technology invented by Apple that has become the industry standard for Photographic Virtual Tours worldwide on the Internet, CDs, DVDs, PCs, Apple Macintosh, as well as on SONY Clies and other hand-held devices.

After leaving Apple in 1999, David joined MetaCreations as Senior Product Manager for the award winning product KPT Bryce — software that allows one to create virtual worlds.

After 3-year sabbatical, he's returned to the photographic virtual tour industry and the soon-to-be announced next generation 360° video technology. WorldVR specializes in creating the highest quality Virtual Tours using the best VR technology available. David now travels worldwide speaking about VR Tours and consults companies and photographers on how to put this technology to its best use. WorldVR has created virtual tours for prestigious companies including The Smithsonian National Air And Space Museum, Sotheby’s International, Apple Computer, EOS Winery, Microsoft, Cessna, The Esplanade in Singapore, Heesen Yachts, Jefferson Yachts, The Four Seasons Resorts and even NASA.

His latest work is created along with Tim Petros, is the promo for Constantine starring Keanu Reeves. Tim composed the artwork and QTVR movie. David did the sky/atmosphere background illustration in Bryce.


Jerry RabowJerry Rabow — Seminar Instructor

Jerry has been exploring digital photography since 1997 with one of the first popular consumer digital cameras and while he was capturing images, digital photography captured him. Since then he’s been studying, writing, teaching, and tutoring digital photography, and creating original photo note cards under his Morningwalk Studios label.

Jerry is an experienced and popular speaker and writer, known for his humor and effectiveness. He has taught at UCLA Extension and many institutes and conferences for UCLA, USC, and other professional and adult education groups on a broad variety of subjects, including law, religion, history, and digital photography. His most recent book, Digital Photography Tutor, takes beginning and intermediate digital photographers from snapshot to perfect print. Digital Photography Tutor has just been released (March 2005) as an interactive eBook on CD-ROM by Graphics Management Press, the leading publisher of digital photography eBooks. To accompany publication, Jerry has launched a new website sharing digital photography information, training, and updates for the book at

Jerry received A.B. and J.D. degrees from Harvard University, and has studied at many digital photography and Photoshop seminars and conferences. He’s read almost as many digital photography books as he’s bought. His most enjoyable digital photography work is when he interrupts his study and writing to create unique photo announcements and party invitations for his family.


Joyce Schwarz — The Rise of Mac Media Panel Moderator

Joyce Schwarz, CEO, JCOM emerging entertainment and media marketing firm and founder Hollywood2020 blog. Schwarz is an internationally known author and new product launch consultant who has worked with such major brands as Revlon, Sheraton, Mountain Dew, Pepsi, Disney, Philips, France Telecom and Apple. She has launched scores of successful online businesses and destinations including and

Joyce also served as the Workplace of the Future forum leader and editor for America Online and is the author of SUCCESFUL Recareering: When Just Another Job Is Not Enough and such tech and media books as Multimedia: Gateway to the Next Millenium (Harcourt Brace) and Cutting The Cord: Tech TV’s Guide to Going Wireless.

Joyce specializes in working with funded entrepreneurs to launch new companies, products and services and has a track record of more than 50 successful firms she has matched-up for partnership and alliances with such major companies as Sony, Virgin and Reuters.

Ask her about helping to market and promote your product or service or to present her workshop on the Future of Entertainment to your next company seminar. Schwarz combines a background in working as an executive for such major ad agencies as Foote Cone & Belding with a masters degree in film from USC and a decade in the independent film and new media marketplace. She is a major Sci-Fi fan; Brannon Braga, producer Star Trek Next Generation wrote the preface for one of her books.


Andrew ShaletAndrew Shalat — Seminar Instructor

Andrew specializes in website design and development, corporate identity programs, marketing materials, advertising concept and design, and illustration. (Andrew's site) His skill in fine art, and commercial art combines with his experience in marketing, art direction and writing and computing have combined to give him a unique insight into a broad spectrum of the technology, publishing and art worlds.

A painter and illustrator since his early teens, Andrew has over 20 years of design experience. Since 1982 he has been a writer, designer and illustrator, and instructor. Andrew currently writes for Macworld magazine,, and and anyone else who will pay him. Much of his written work can be found online and in print.

Andrew has been an instructor of digital and web design, Photoshop and Illustrator, and has been a panelist and speaker at many Graphic Imaging and Design seminars since 1990. He has been technical editor on books about Adobe Illustrator 10 and CS, and Photoshop CS. He continues to act as a design and marketing consultant and illustrator for several publications in that field. His work spans the gamut of new media, from web site design to interactive multimedia to traditional print media.


Steven ShmerlerSteven Shmerler — Seminar Instructor

Steven has been using the internet and doing web design since the net went public way back in the 90s. He was one of the first people to teach course on web site creation, teaching at events such as the LAMG's MacFair LA.

Steven has also contributed to two books about creating websites using Adobe GoLive; Deborah Shadovitz' GoLive 5 Bible and Shelly Brisbin's Visual Quickstart.

You can learn more about his web work at SASNetDesign, his own full-service Web development company.


Karen SperlingKaren Sperling — Seminar Instructor

Karen is the original Painter expert; she even wrote the manual for Painter 1 (and 2). She then went on to author books on Painter 3, 4, and 5 — Fractal Design Painter 3 Complete, Fractal Design Painter 4 Complete and Fractal Design Painter 5 Complete. In 1995, Karen started publishing Artistry magazine. She now publishes Artistry Tips and Tricks, an electronic newsletter. No one has been writing about Painter longer than Karen!

She has also taught Painter for over 13 years. Her clients include major companies such as Disney and American Greetings. She's taught at schools such as New York City's New School for Social Research and at American Film Institute, Macworld, Seybold, SIGGRAPH and Professional Photographers of America. As you read this, she's teaching a week-long course Mid-Atlantic Regional School of Professional Photography (MARS). Karen aslo typically teaches a monthly Painter Retreat. If she seems familiar to you, it may also be because she taught Painter for the LAMG's MacFair LA.


Ralph StaunchRalph Strauch — Seminar Instructor

Ralph was trained in the Feldenkrais Method by Moshe Feldenkrais, the originator of the Method, and has been in private practice in the Pacific Palisades, California since 1983, also doing online consulting. He also writes and teaches about the importance of self-awareness in being fully human. His first book was entitled, The Reality Illusion: How you make the world you experience. His second book Low-Stress Computing: Using awareness to avoid RSI is a work in progress. He has also written a number of articles relating to the role of awareness in being human. Some of those article are also available at his website. More information on Ralph and his work is available at


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