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Mac Users Gather in Southern California May 13-15

Los Angeles, California — April 12, 2005. For immediate release

The 2nd annual Regional Macintosh Gathering the for Southern California hits Los Angeles May 13–15, 2005, just days after the release of Tiger. With top notch instructors and key people from top Mac companies, the show promises to be an excellent learning and social event for all Mac users and even for people considering a Mac.

“I look forward to the Mac Gathering because Deb’s previous seminars and product shows have been informative and fun,” says attorney Evan Braude of Long Beach, California. “Deb’s events had enabled me to discover invaluable information that I use everyday in my law practice.” In fact, this year’s show promises to be helpful to many businesses. The Business Track sessions are highly beneficial to anyone who uses a computer for business. (Yes, even Windows users, and they’re welcome.)

Of course it’s not just a business show. People new to the Mac or to OS X can spend two days learning all the basics. (Three days really — there are special programs on Friday.) Advanced users can fill their days with more technical topics. And design-oriented folks have plenty to choose from as well.

This is a show where Mac users can walk around and know that everything pertains to their OS. But Mac users don’t live and work in a vacuum so it’s also a show where users can learn similarities and differences of a Windows counterpart when there is one. Vendors have been invited to bring their Windows versions to help Mac users to choose software with which they can work in a Windows world.

Thomas Dickan, President of the West Orange County Macintosh Users Group (WOCMUG) expresses what many group leaders have also said. “The community has far too few real opportunities to really gather together and grok Mac. Our members are excited about the Mac Gathering. We’ve been spreading the word and expect a first-class showing.”

“Some people wonder if local shows are worthwhile. A well-produced show like the Mac Gathering gives vendors an opportunity to reach many people who cannot travel to the larger shows due to jobs or distance. I saw this again and again as an Apple Software Account Manager for the western US” explains Jim Cadenhead. “I hear people say the internet serves the need nowadays. But it doesn’t replace in-person knowledge, meeting, and learning. Users still want to know vendors…to ask questions in person…to see the reality right before their eyes.” Today I’m a Business Partner Rep for IBM — and I have every intention of being at the Mac Gathering. There’s just too much to learn and too many people to meet to pass on such an opportunity.”

Elaine Stannard, one of the leaders of the So Cal Mac Owners/Users Group (SMOG), confirms Jim’s findings. "Last year's event gave me easy access to vendors without travel hassles & hotel costs. The seminars I attended were excellent & I took advantage of some vendors' discounts to shop. I look forward to this year's Mac Gathering being bigger and better and hope it will become a dynamic annual event."

The Mac Gathering will be held at Beverly Garland’s Holiday Inn, just off the 101 in North Hollywood, California. Special sessions take place Friday, May 13. The Exhibits and Sessions run from 10am through 6pm Saturday and Sunday, May 14-15. For more information and to register, visit



2005 Mac Gathering Event Bridges Mac and PC platforms

Los Angeles, California April 11, 2005 — For the first time in recent memory, a gathering of Macintosh users is expected to attract a significant number of Windows users as well. The event is the Regional Macintosh Gathering: an expo with seminars open to the public, taking place at Beverly Garland’s Holiday Inn in North Hollywood May 13-15.

“For a Windows user to attend a Mac show was unheard of years ago,” acknowledges Deborah Shadovitz, the show’s producer. “However, today many Windows users have an iPod and iTunes and see how easy they are to use. Meanwhile the Mac mini has attracted attention as an inexpensive way to explore the Mac platform, introducing Mac into the home or office. Additionally we’re seeing more business applications and more compatibility than ever.” Gautam Godse — a “switcher” you may recognize from Apple’s commercials — adds, “security has proven to be an ongoing concern for millions of users despite Microsoft’s efforts in this area. That’s another reason more people are looking at the Mac operating system, which is inherently more secure.”

The Mac Gathering offers a unique experience. Mac users are comfortable in the knowledge that all products and services relate to and support their OS. At the same time, here, they have the opportunity to learn about Windows compatibility. Vendors have been encouraged to bring their Windows versions or near-equivalents because, Deborah explains, “no platform stands alone in this connected world, so knowing all sides of the software equation helps users choose hardware and software most wisely.”

Instructors for the two days of seminar tracks are all handpicked for their expertise and teaching ability. All are recognized experts in their area; many are published. Many classes are designed to help both business and home users, Mac and Windows alike. Business and home users alike can benefit from the many application-oriented classes. Knowing the secrets of word processing saves time, money, and frustration. Knowing how to design your database or website cuts cost and permits future growth, even when hiring an expert to do the creation. Other classes include from getting the most from an iPod, digital cameras, QuickTime VR, setting up a wi-fi network, connecting Macs and PCs, design, and even legal issues surrounding intellectual property. And, of course, a full compliment of sessions can take a beginner through a full range of Mac use.

Supporting exhibitors boast the presence of the business consultants from the Apple Store at The Grove, members of Microsoft’s Macintosh software development team, top utility developers, and Elgato Systems — the innovative folks who created EyeTV. Scriptwriters have the opportunity to see Final Draft at work (Mac and Windows). Mac users seeking dictation software will be able to see MacSpeech’s iListen in action. Much more awaits as well.

Feature presentations include introduction to Virtual Virtual PC (which enables you to run Windows on your Mac) and the cross-platform Office suite, The Mac in the Business of… sharing use of the Mac in various businesses, accounting issues, and more.

The event runs Saturday & Sunday, May 14 & 15, from 10 – 6. Registration opens at 9. Additionally, the day prior offers intensive courses, each with its own fee, and a free three-hour class by the Microsoft Macintosh Business Unit.

To learn more about the Mac Gathering, to register for the show, or to request information, visit


The Regional Macintosh Gathering, also known as the Mac Gathering, is a production of Deborah Shadovitz, Press is welcome to attend.

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