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Meet the 2006-2007 Advisory Committee

I invite you to meet some of the folks who have been my sounding board, come up with ideas, volunteered their time, etc. People who attended or were part of the original LAMG MacFair LA, fellow authors, vendors, and speakers, and fellow user group leaders.

••• Anton AndersonChuck BehrmanShelly BrisbinAnita Cohen-WilliamsRick GloweLynn Goodrich ••
••• Mark Hartman • Chriss HorganWalter KroyThomas LarsenJim MitchellFielden Lundy •••
••• Laurel PaleyMario SalinasRobin Schiff Eric Stein ••• 


Anton Anderson

Deb first met Anton at the LAMG's MacFair when Anton was working at Apple's booth. She later got to know him well as both an Apple Consultant and a FileMaker Pro Consultant; his business is Productivity Consulting.

Anton has been part of the MacGathering™ from the start as the FileMaker Pro instructor (although he had to miss 2006). He's also been behind the scenes always willing to give his opinions or best advice.


Chuck Behrman

Deb's first memory of Chuck was when his camera's flash hit her eyes as she taught her first MacFair LA seminar. So of course, she enlisted him to take photos at the MacGathering — and then to teach some seminars about digital photography. After so many conversations about show locations and logistics, she asked him to accept the title of show advisor.

Shelly Brisbin

Shelly comes to the MacGathering from Austin, Texas, has probably been involved in many an item you've read if you've been reading about Mac for much of its years. She has written 10 books and hundreds of articles for magazines including Macworld, NetProfessional, The Net, NewMedia, WebTechniques, and SunWorld. For 4 1⁄2 years she was the networking editor for MacUser Magazine.

Her real-world expertise comes from jobs such as being Managing Editor/Technology at Powered Inc., Webmaster, system administrator, and consultant.


Anita Cohen-Williams

Anita Cohen-Williams

Anita has been an integral part of the Southern California web community for as long as the web's been public so when I finally met her in person in 2005, I asked her to bring her web site search optimization expertise to a seminar. She's such a resource that she brought a lot more!

Pre-show Anita was busy developing relationships with all sorts of people in the world of Mac, small business, and everything related. She' was constantly coming up with helpful resources. In fact, she brought us Oceanside Photo and Telescope, bringing not just a digital photography reseller but also astronomy.


Rick Glowe

Rick Glowe — Internet Services Director

Rick Glowe and I first met when he helped with the LAMG's MacFair. Since those days, he's done some impressive work at an IT manager, designing, building and managing major networks.

I was thrilled when he offered to help out.

(Thank you to Alex Bellanger for taking this photo during the iProng DJ contest at the 2006 MacGathering.)


Lynn Goodrich

Lynn is President Emeritus or WOCMUG and got to know Deb when she helped out as co-founder of the Long Beach group. When Deb started the MacGathering™ it was a given that she'd turn to Lynn for his advice. He has not been there providing guidance and opinions; he also helps out a heck of a lot during the show. This photo was taken as he checked someone in at the satellite registration desk. (Normally he's got a great smile but he was concentrating. We'll be getting a new photo of him as soon as possible.)

Mark HartmanMark Hartman

I first met Mark Hartman at a user group meeting in Orange County in Dec 2002. Attending the first ever Regional Macintosh Gathering in April 2003, he stepped in to help out and immediately became an integral part of the show. Since then he has been a major sounding board, offering many excellent ideas and solutions.

Pre-show Mark helps with just about everything. At the show, Mark is our primary Vendor Support, as well as a speaker.


Chriss Horgan — Show Guide Producer

Chriss and I met socially at the party of a mutual friend and discovered we both used Macs. Later when I discovered the LA Final Cut Pro User Group, I noticed she'd designed the site. Our paths kept crossing. She knew I started the MacGathering™ in 2003 but around that time we lost touch. And then came the day she was in her car and heard Leo Laporte talk about a don't-miss Mac event... She came home to register for the show and as she did, it hit her — this was Deb's show! She emailed me, I called her right away, and next thing we knew she was doing all the show's signage as well as the show guide.


Walter Kroy — Security Director

Walter and I met somewhere along the line during our years with the LAMG and WOCMUG. He was a key part of the Security team for the LAMG's MacFair LA, so when the time came, he volunteered to handle security for the MacGathering. He also handles seminar set-up and equipment.


Thomas Larsen — Technical Services Director

Tom is a long-time Mac user group member who has helped me out at so many meetings over so many years that I couldn't begin to count.

Back in 1992 he was teaching himself DOS when a computer sales person introduced him to the Mac and invited him to an LAMG meeting. Seeing Mac users' enthusiasm he left DOS behind, bought a Mac Classic, and hasn't looked back. The closest he ever got to buying Windows is VirtualPC. He currently uses a PowerBook G4 and a Black Nano.


Fielden Lundy

Fielden hails from the LAMG and MacFair LA. Along the way we have crossed paths at Long Beach Mac groups, at trade shows and seminars and through discussions over the future of the Mac and of computing in general.

He's an illustrator, a Mac enthusiast, a student of art and technology. Fielden has attended, volunteered, assisted and presented at trade shows, user group meetings, and informal gatherings.


Laurel Paley

Like so many others involved in the MacGathering, Laurel goes back to the LAMG days. She attended the first MacGathering™ at the Queen Mary, later becomming an official volunteer.


Jim MitchellJim Mitchell

Jim became part of the show in 2005 when, based on his excellent utility, Yasu (Yet another system utility), Deb asked him to teach a seminar Mac maintenance. By the time his seminar rolled around, he'd done a whole lot more, including OS installs and creating signage.

Jim works with private businesses and non-profit surfing organizations around the Orange County area, helping them solve their business and operational needs. He is also a full-time systems administrator and FileMaker developer. You can learn more about him at


Mario SalinasMario Salinas

Mario Salinas is the owner of Amazon-Networks, a web design and hosting company. It was in this capacity that he met Deborah and became an advisor/contributor to her Adobe GoLive 5 Bible, as well as becoming her website host. (In fact, he hosts this site and all of her sites.)


Robin Schiff

Robin and Deb met socially, at the after-the-LAMG meeting late night dinners. Robin is a graphic designer and art director by trade but was too busy putting together several magazines in the early years of the MacGathering™ so for the 2005 MacGathering™ she just played seminar hostess. In 2006 she became the 2nd half of the signage team and also helped out at registration (which is when this photo was taken). Deb is hoping to rope her into some more design stuff for the 2007 show.

Eric Stein

Once upon a time, Deb knew of the LAMG because her brother was a member, but it was not until she met Eric at the Gutenburg show that she decided to attend a meeting. Next thing she knew, she was on the LAMG's Board of Directors along with Eric.

For all the years of the LAMG's MacFair LA and their holiday events, Eric was "Tech Boy" — they guy we all turned to. So it was a natural that Eric offered to helpeout with the set-up and striking of the 2003 MacGathering™ at the Queen Mary. He then rejoined the gang for the 2006 show.


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