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Expo & Seminars & More ~ Spring, 2007

MacGathering & SoHo Tech Show, LA 2007 •  Birds of a Feather (BoF)

Birds of a Feather sessions are a chance for like-minded people to meet and discuss related issues, learning from one another. These are not panels or presentations. They are somewhat moderated discussion groups. Free to all Pass-holders, including the Exhibits Pass.

We'll announce all the sessions in January but we already know a few will be repeated...

Podcasters BoF

In 2006 this BoF was so successful that you can bet we'll repeat it, and we hope all of our panelists will be available that evening.

A Podcasting Discussion, complete with a panel top Southern California Podcasters to answer your questions or discuss various podcasting issues.

Moderator: Shelly Brisbin
Adam Christianson: The MacCast
Dan Klass: The Bitterest Pill and Old Wave Radio
Lance Anderson: Verge of the Fringe
Douglas Welch: My Word
Victor Cajiao: Typical Mac User
Grant Baciocco: Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd


Photography BoF

Come join this open discussion of all things photographic. Bring your questions, share your answers, discuss issues of concern.

Moderator: Chuck Behrman


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