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MacGathering LA 2009 • Show Features

We're just getting started with the planning for 2009 but here's some of what you can expect.

MacGathering MacMixer™

After a long day of work we have a unique evening for you.
Our exhibit hall will open around 4 or 6 pm and feature hot hors d'oeuvres with an no-host bar in case you'd like to enjoy a drink. (And if you're staying at our well-priced hotel, you can have a few drinks and not worry about driving home.)
Mac users, Mac products, music and mingling.

Free with admission to the exhibit hall

Special Features

Some of the fun we have planned for you.

  • Screenings of MacHEADS The Movie
    Join your fellow Mac users old and new for this trip through the culture and history of the Mac.

  • Our own hands-on Computer & Game "Museum" — computers from your past or your parent's past. A blast from your past that you'll enjoy seeing and using again, or a chance to show your kids what you worked or played with once upon a time.
    We thank our "curator" Tyler Regas for this feature.

Free with admission to the exhibit hall

Special note to Teachers: We'll have the hands-on Computer & Game "Museum" available on Friday just for school classes to visit. Tyler will be on hand to do a talk about the evolution of these computers. We may even have a game expert there as well. There is no charge to bring your class in. We'd love to have you. Please contact us if you're interested.

Free Sessions or Presentations

We'll have a few sessions to help you in business and with your everyday Mac use.

  • Running Windows on the Mac
  • Running Linux on the Mac

Perhaps some Birds of a Feather sessions too.

Free with admission to the exhibit hall


In the past we've laughed so hard we couldn't breath with Sinbad's view of technology, we've shared the switcher experiences of KNX radio's Jeff Levy, and we've learned about digital music recording from Dave Hampton who has worked with Herbie Hancock for years and built all of Prince's digital studios.

What do we have for you this time around? We don't know yet, but we'll come up with something you'll love.

Mac Jeopardy!

From a M*A*S*H unit to D.C. to Deep Space to a head of a Boston Legal firm to... game show host? That's right!

René Auberjonois has played a lot of roles over the years but I know him best in his role as a Mac user. Now you'll get to know him as a Mac peer too.

René Auberjonois joins us as host of our own version of Mac Jeopardy.

Contestants will again be selected from the audience. We at the MacGathering™ think different; with our own teams version more people can play.

The rules... ah... we'll find out when you do — when René announces them at the podium. He's got a fun mischievous side.

René will be with us schedule permitting.
(If not, he'll help us to have the game will go on. We have more fun folks in our community.)

Free with admission to the exhibit hall

Looking forward to seeing you at the show!

~Deb Shadovitz

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