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MacGathering LA 2009 • Press Info

In 2009 we will again welcome press, granting admission to the exhibit hall and special features. Access to the Keynote and Bootcamps will be determined after we finalize the event's details.


If you'd like to attend our show as press, please email your request stating your qualifications as press and your intentions for coverage. If you expect that we're not familiar with your publication, please tell us about your readership. It's never too early to let us know you're interested.


When you run a story about us, please send us the link to it, or send us a pdf or let us know where we can see the publication.


Provisions for press

We hope to again have a quiet Board Room set aside for Press and Speakers to sit, relax, work, chat, and for interviews. We plan to have wi-fi and we'll have a printer available.


Story ideas

  • Check out the reaction to MacHEADS The Movie.

  • Have some fun with computers and games of the past or share the lessons and reactions of kids as they see what came before.

  • Get to know the exhibitors and products being shown or introduced.
    We'd like to work with you to let you know about the software folks, hardware folks, and other folks who will be in town for the MacGathering/ and will be available to meet with you or appear on your program. We can help with bios, schedules, etc. Of course, you don't have to go through us; feel free to contact any exhibitor or instructor directly. We're just happy to help them make the most of their time in the LA area.



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