The MacGathering™
Macintosh Computer Expo for Southern California
Expo, Seminars, Classes, and Social Happenings

Exhibit Hall & Free features • Bootcamps! • Social Events.
All about the Macintosh computer, iPhone and iPad.
  Something for every Mac user ~•~ Special focuses for small business & developers

A full weekend event...
economically priced,
focused on helping you meet today's challenges
and have fun with today’s technology.

The MacGathering is an event with a personal touch, created by the Mac community, for the Mac community. We're not about big business or taking your money. We're about bringing great software and hardware to great people, and great people to great providers.

MacGathering Status

We haven't done a MacGathering in quite a while because, well you know... the Internet changed things a lot, but you're welcome to see what once was - and may be again.


Some of what you can expect

Here's what we have for you — IF we KNOW people will travel to attend. We know that's tricky, given the economy. Event attendance is down everywhere and we understand. So all we can do is tell you what we can do for you, then ask you to tell us if you want it.

Exhibit Hall

We're the show with a personal touch, providing comfortable areas for you to sit and get to know our exhibitors, and for them to get to know you and your needs.
We welcome you into our booths to sit a while and learn. Meet programmers, product managers & reps.

  • Small Business section
  • Programming section
  • Maintenance section
  • Peripherals you can try before you buy.
  • And so much more!

Tell us who you want/need to see and we'll let them know they are wanted.

Feature presentations open to all attendees.

  • Screenings of MacHEADS The Movie.
  • Computer and Gaming Hands-on "Museum"
    Our own unique space where you can not just have a look at the evolution of all this tech stuff, but also try it out.
    Do you remember some of it, or would it have been what your parents used? Either way, it'll be fun to see and try.
    Schools and groups will be invited to come learn the history or computing and/or gaming as well. 
  • FREE seminars on how to run Linux or Windows on your Mac so you can get the most out of your hardware purchase.
  • FREE seminars about some helpful everyday Mac software.

Bootcamps covering all sorts of topics. All-day intensive training to improve your skills.

  • Small Business Bootcamp(s) — retail sales, web sales, inventory, bookkeeping, marketing, and more
  • Web Bootcamp
  • Computer Basics Bootcamp
  • MacOS and iPhone Programming Bootcamps
  • And maybe...Other Bootcamps for Music, Video, Graphics...

MacMixer™ — Friday evening reception for all attendees where you can mingle with fellow Mac-users, some terrific instructors and vendors — right in the Exhibit Hall!

"The MacMixer™ was a great idea. Do that again, please. How cool to be talking to someone, think he seems familiar, then realize you're talking to Jerry "the beaver" Mathers! I spoke to Jeff Levy too. You never know who's going to pop up when Deb's involved."

Games— just for fun on Saturday night
Some of what we're planning — with our celebrity host, René Auberjonois (schedule permitting).

  • Mac Jeopardy — do you think you know Mac?
  • The Mac Dating Game — can an iMac and a MacBook Pro really coexist?
    And is that at all a relevent question for our game? We'll see.
  • Maybe some iPhone & iPad game challenges

René Auberjonois is our gameshow  host at the MacGathering™

"Really enjoyed the MacGathering. Purchased several software programs. Found out how to attach my Nikon lens to my Cannon EOS (really cool!), picked up lots of great information and met a lot of nice people. Please do it again next year. Thanks for a great job." —Laurence

"I was embarrassed to not know how the iPod and iTunes worked, since everyone seems to just know this stuff. I'm glad the guys were there. They showed me."

"...As if that wasn't enough, on Saturday I went to a few of the seminars on sound recording, music recording, and podcasting. I want to podcast my classes! This is going to be COOL! So now I know what the next steps are." —LP

"Just wanted to say thank you for organizing the workshops.
I'm sorry I could not make it both days, but the seminars the second day were very helpful." —Wendy

"The MacGathering happened just at the right time for me to start learning Flash. (Thankyou to Mke Browne.)"

"Wild. I read Andy Shalet's columns in magazines and then I come to this little show right in my own town and get to meet the guy and learn directly from him in person."

"I learned some great insider's Final Cut Pro from Steve Martin — the guy who made all the videos at the Apple website that made me and so many others know how great FCP was! I can't believe it. Steve was also selling his Ripple Training videos in the expo hall so I bought the whole set. But I'm still looking forward to the next time you can get Steve to teach!"


"I'm excited about another MacGathering.
Keep me posted."
Joe Lyons
Inland Empire Business Journal


I know I'll pick up a lot of good info for my listeners there. Looking forward to it May '09.
Benjamin Rockwell
Digital Computer Talk - syndicated radio


"Thanks for the wonderful show. I'm looking forward to next year's MacGathering™ already!"
—Paul Hoppe,
Editor iOnMac
[May 2006]
~ iOnMac post show coverage

Submit trivia for Mac Jeopardy
We need the Answer,
fact source.

"I am wired and INSPIRED!!!! after having spent all of Friday and Saturday at the Macgathering."

"I learned so much in the Exhibit Hall! Every vendor I visited had helpful staff that sat down with me, so I did really get to know what they had, how I might use or need it, and even how to use it. Great personal service!"

"It was just like Leo Laporte said it would be. Up close and personal."
—man at show

Mac Jeopardy
is made
possible by

"The audio classes were amazing. Jerry sure knows his stuff! And the guy from BIAS was so great."

We also produce another event in Los Angeles. It's called
and you can learn about it at
MacDayLA is a smaller 1-day event. It's like MacGathering™ but without the show floor.

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