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Birds of a Feather — group discussions/demos (2005 show)

Saturday evening the show floor closes at 6 and the official seminars are over for the night — but that doesn't mean your time with fellow users has to end. We invite you to join in on one of the pre-secheduled BoF sessions, to host your own, or to just hang out with friends.

Birds of a Feather sessions are casual hang-out discussions led by one person for everyone to contribute. If you have something to ad, go for it. If you just want to listen, that's cool too.


6:15 pm - til you're all tired (or midnight, whichever comes first)

Exploring the Programming and Scripting languages of OS-X
Taught & led by Andrew Farley. Also attending will be Scott Knaster & Mark Hartman.

This session is part seminar and part discussion. To be honest, we'd have it in the Geek Track but we ran out of hours in the day so we're opening it up to all Exhibit Pass holders as well — no extra charge.

Sometimes all you need is the right tool to get the job done.

This discussion will be aimed at power users that often need to solve everyday problems or create programs to do simple tasks. It will touch on the many different programming and scripting languages available for OS-X, their features, their flaws, and examples!

Andrews will help you discover and save time at home or on the job by scripting common and tedious tasks. He’ll be showcasing Shell (bash) scripts, PHP Command-line scripts, cocoa, c/c++, java, applescript, and examples of integrating multiple languages to achieve a task.

Attendees of this will have the option to receive a CD with all the examples shown during this speech for your educational purposes.

Want to host a BoF?

You don't have to be an expert; you just have to have the interest and commit to facilitating it. Just email with a title and description to be listed on this page. (All ideas subject to approval.)


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