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MacGathering & SoHo Tech Show, LA 2006 • Free Sessions

We have a few seminars to help you with your office set-ups and work. Each session on this page is free to all ticket-holders. All you need is an Exhibits Pass — just $7 for now. These sessions will take place in the Theater. We're told you may bring food into the Theater, so you can sit, learn and even eat at the same time.

Friday Sessions — in the Theater except where noted

Noon - 1:30
Gorilla — for independent filmmakers, animators and producers

Are you a filmmaker or doing production? We were in this boat too; we're (part-time) independent filmmakers. Only we couldn't find a software that took care of all of our needs, so we wrote our own — Gorilla. As an independent producer you'll wear many hats and do a lot of juggling. This seminar can help.

This seminar, developed over the years, is part Gorilla tutorial, part general discussion of how to use software to schedule and budget an independent film, appropriate for your film school, organization, or festival.

Topics covered:

  • History: How Scheduling and Budgeting conventions for film production evolved.
  • Scripts: Using Final Draft or Movie Magic Screenwriter to properly "tag" elements.
  • Scheduling: Importing breakdown information directly from the script. Creating a stripboard. General rules for ordering the stripboard.
  • Locations, Cast, and Crew: Organizing this data, and attaching it to your schedule.
  • Budgeting: Three tiered budgets, globals, and fringes.
  • Accounting: Comparing actual expenses to your budget.
  • Distribution of Profits: Raising money through profit sharing. Presenting scenarios to potential deferment candidates.
  • Editing Notes: The Flex File or Batch List
  • Film Festivals: Tracking submissions.


Saturday Sessions — in the Theater except where noted

10:15 - 11:15
Which Computer Platform is Right for Your Business (or Hobby)?

It's not always easy to figure out or learn which computer operating system (OS) is best for your particular need, or which software will work best for you, or what extra hardware (peripherals) will be your best-value purchase. These discussions will help you learn the realities of each platform for business, software available, cross platform possibilities, internet security, real costs, etc.

Bring your questions and concerns to our panel of Windows + Mac experts for an honest discussion of what solution might be best for you.

Note: After you register, you'll have the opportunity to email us your question prior to the show. Or, if you attend on Friday as well, we encourge you to drop off your questions/concerns.



11:45 - 12:15
Digital StoryTelling with MemoryMiner

Join John Fox, author of the award-winning MemoryMiner software talk about the ideas behind its creation, what people are doing it and and how you can use it to create compelling digital stories to share with friends and family. John will go step by step through the gathering or materials, linking and annotation, and uploading of your completed work. 

12:45 - 2:00
Sharing Photo Shoots and Media Files over the Web

Sam Bogoch, CEO of SeeFile Software, gives an overview of this new technology with examples from SeeFile 2.0 as well as other Web software packages like Apple's iWeb. This should be a great introduction on how to share and review images and PDF files with your clients, using your Mac as a server.

Note: Even if you're taking seminars all day, you can still make this. Bring lunch or order take-out from Tula's on the hotel grounds, then bring it to the theater.


2:15 - 2:45
A New Way of Working in Adobe Creative Suites 2 using NuLOOQ Pro

In the beginning we had the mouse...then we had the you can enhance them both by using Logitech's new NuLOOQ Pro Navigtor and tooldial. Mike Descher will show and explain how you really can put your alternate mousing hand to work for you to save you time, and enhance your creativity. This short 30 Minute workshop will give you all you need to step up to the next generation of workflow enhancement!

3:00 - 3:45
Getting the Most From Your RAW files with Nikon Software

This free seminar covers the reasons why the RAW format is must way for any serious photographer to shoot and for the Nikon user why Nikon Capture is is an excellent tool for working with Nikon RAW (NEF) files on the Mac. We will discuss the power of Nikon Capture, its tools and how it integrates into the Photoshop workflow. We will also take a preview look at the new Nikon NX program scheduled to ship in late June, as well as look at Nikon free browser software for the Mac, Nikon View and Picture Project.


4:15 - 5:15
Technology Considerations for Setting up a Home Office

A discussion of Mac models, printers to suit your needs, other hardware. Issues such as fax, available software and software compatibility.

James Alguire
More to be announced


5:30 - 6:30
Birds of a Feather (BoF) Podcasters Discussion

There's just not enough time in a conference days so... After Podcasting 101 we're hosting a Podcasting Discussion, complete with a panel top Southern California Podcasters to answer your questions or discuss various podcasting issues. This is free to all pass-holders including exhibits-only pass holders.

Moderator: Shelly Brisbin
Adam Christianson: The MacCast
Dan Klass: The Bitterest Pill and Old Wave Radio
Lance Anderson: Verge of the Fringe
Douglas Welch: My Word
Victor Cajiao: Typical Mac User
Grant: Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd

This Discussion will be held in the same room as Podcasting 101. Check your show guides at the show for room info.

For more Birds of a Feather sessions and info click here.

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