The MacGathering™
Macintosh Computer Expo for Southern California
also introducing...
 The SoHo Tech Show™
  Tech Expo for small and home offices
Expo & Seminars & More ~ May 19 -20, 2006

Photos from the 2006 MacGathering

Thanks to Chuck Behrman, Thomas Ritter, Alex bellanger, and Glen Terry for taking photos for us.

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Fixamac's John Goodchild, programmer of Printer Setup Repair (and more).
Write Brothers
Elgato; your Mac's alternative to Tivo.
a website all about iPods!

They gave us free tutoring an iPod DJ Contest and more.

Melrose Mac's booth never made it but they brought G5s, their knowledge, and set up a place for everyone to try out all sorts of software.

Sharpics was a hit with the public premier of their ground-breaking Portable Object Photography Studio.


Oceanside Photo & Telescope (OPT)

People loved discovering the world of Astronomy on their Mac or PC. Not to mention the deals on digital cameras!

Microsoft's Mac Business Unit came down - with folks who are part of creating the next version of Office!
(We just didn't get enough photos.

RadTech premiered its new solar backpack and also brought its full line of iPod and PowerBook/MacBook cases and such.


In the MacSpeech booth, attendees had private lessons to learn how to use iListen, to start talking instead of typing.

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