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MacGathering LA 2009 • Exhibitors
Come in, sit down and really learn.

While the cost of participating at most expos excludes small developers who create great freeware, inexpensive shareware, or inexpensive software, we want to bring these folks to you. We invite software developers of all sizes to join us here.
The MacGathering™ gives you the opportunity to get to know all levels of developers/publishers and many types of software.

"There are lots of Macintosh shows, but the MacGathering™ is more than a trade show. It's a chance to get up close and personal with Mac hardware and software in a relaxed, friendly setting. Why fly to a big impersonal trade show in New York or San Francisco when you can go to the MacGathering!" — Leo Laport

Of course we invite all Mac-related hardware makers and resellers as well.

In the past, due to location, we've been limited to just under 40 exhibitors. But the Mac users of Southern California asked for more. So, this year we have room for about 90 booths and tables. We're sending out invitations and talking to various companies, working out the details.

If there's a company or type of software or hardware you'd like to see here, please let us know.

If you're a developer, software publisher, or a distributor and you're interested in participating, we welcome your inquiry. We welcome anything Mac or Apple related.

To contact us...
please email Deborah.
Consider including your phone number or iChat address so we can make communication more personal.






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