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MacGathering & SoHo Tech Show, LA 2006 • For Educators

Special for the teachers of Southern California...

Educators-only sessions — Integrating Technology Into The Classroom

We know that these days there is quite a push for you to bring computer and computer-related technolgy into the classroom. This technology can greatly enhance your student's education, but it's no small challenge for you. After all, you selected a career as a teacher, not as a tech or tech support person. Some of you are loving computers and others of you are wondering and feeling your way around them.

So, we've got some discussions/sessions just for you — all on Satruday so you don't have to miss school, call in a sub, or get special permission.

We hope the things you learn here will make your teaching life easier and pay back the time you invest manyfold.

We're finalizing the sessions and will post the info shortly. Right now we plan on three: one by Adobe, regarding Flash, one by Apple, and a discussion led by a visiting NYC teacher. They'll be at the start of the day, during the seminar lunch break, and end of the day. We'll have location information at the check-in desk.

These sessions are free; all you need is an Exhibits Pass ($7 for teachers) to attend.

12:45- 1:45
Using Apple's technology in Your Classsroom

Apple K-12 Account Executive Wayne Richman will lead an interactive session on the possibilities for using Apple's technology in your classsroom. How to use the resources you have onsite, whether you have current Macs or older models. How to prepare students for the digital future. Perhaps you'll tour the resources at There's something to be gained for everyone from elementary to middle and high school levels. Rather than a pre-set presentation, Wayne will poll the crowd and respond to what you want most.

Note: Even if you're taking seminars all day, you can still make this. Bring lunch or order take-out from Tula's on the hotel grounds, then bring it to the classroom.

5:30 - 6:15
Using Adobe Technologies
John Schuman, Education Solutions Engineer for Adobe

In this session we will discuss the latest technologies from Adobe and how they are being used in Education today. Adobe's latest distance and Blended learning tools and techniques will be the featured in this discussion.

Also of interest to teachers

Free Session

Another free session that's helpful to you is Digital StoryTelling with MemoryMiner, which will be presented in the Theater.

Exhibit Hall

In the Exhibit Hall, you'll find several software applications that are terrific for use with students.

  • iRemember, a fun scrapbooking program.
  • MemoryMiner, for "digital story-telling" whether family trees, histories, and more
  • Photo to Movie, easily turns a collection of still photos into a visually interesting movie
    (They have a Windows version too.)

Have you ever wondered about bringing astronomy into your classroom? The folks at OPT (that's Oceanside Photo and Telescope) can show you the amazing results of telescope and computer integration and show you how its done.

Have students unable to type? Check out iListen's MacSpeech. They're teaching it on the show floor too.

Wish you understood how an iPod works and what the heck it can do for you. Some of the editors from are coming to LA just to do free iPod tutoring in their booth.

For music and bringing audio into your Macs, we've got BIAS Inc and M-Audio.

Another excellent program is TeachMac, an excellent way to create teaching modules. The TeachMac folks won't be able to join us at the show, so they're helping make the show great by sponsoring us instead. We'll be sure to let you know about this handy program. (And there's a version for Windows coming too.)


So many of the seminars both Friday and Saturday can help you out as well. As a teacher, you pay only $49 for one day or $89 for both days, enbling you to learn at all of the seminars in addition to in the free sessions, teacher's sessions, and exhibit hall. Most beginner level seminars are on Saturday.

For example, if you're new to the Mac you can start with Mastering Mac Basics. Feel lost making printed materials look good? Check out Design for Non-designers. Want to know about getting music and voices into the Mac, have old recordings you want to share with your class? Have a look at Saturday's audio sessions. There is much more, so we encourage you to have a look for yourself.


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