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MacGathering & SoHo Tech Show, LA 2006 • Instructors/Speakers

Meet the folks you can learn from at the 2006 MacGathering and the new SoHo Tech Show component. It's an amazing line-up.

~ James Alguire ~ Lance Anderson ~ Grant Baciocco ~ Chuck Behrman ~ Christian Boyce ~ Shelly Brisbin ~ Mike Browne ~
~ Victor Cajiao ~ William Caulfield ~ Adam Christianson ~ Jerry Christie ~ James Cliame ~
~ Debbie Cohen-Sitt ~ Anita Cohen-Williams ~ Joe Crawford ~ Charles Edge ~ Steve Eisenberg ~ Jeff Foster ~
~ Bruce Gerson ~ Mark Hartman ~ Gabe Khofri ~ Dan Klass ~ Jonathan Levit ~ Fielden Lundy ~ Steve Martin ~
~ Jim Mitchell ~ David Palermo ~ Leah Peterson ~ Tim Petros ~ Michael Pliskin ~ Andrew Shalat ~
~ Rick Thues ~ Douglas E. Welch ~ Ann Zumwinkle ~ Gary Zweig ~

James Alguire — Seminar Instructor (iMovie)

James Alguire has been involved in the computer industry for over 20 years. His experience includes digital design, electronic prepress, multimedia, digital video/audio, technical support and training.

James is an Apple Certified Trainer (ACT) for both ProApps and Technical training and currently instructs Apple Certified classes in Final Cut Pro, DVD Studio Pro, Motion, Aperture, Mac OS X, and Mac OS X Server. James is an Apple Certified Technical Coordinator (ACTC) in Mac OS X and Mac OS X Server and an Apple Certified Help Desk Specialist (ACHDS) in Mac OS X. He is an Apple Certified Pro for Final Cut Pro, DVD Studio Pro, and Motion, and a member of the Apple Consultants Network. James has done a good deal of training seminars and product demos at trade shows and user groups.

As a technology writer, James Alguire is a contributing editor for ComputorEdge, San Diego's free weekly computer magazine and has written product reviews for Game Developer magazine and MacNN.

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Lance Anderson — iPod Panelist

Lance Anderson is very active in the LA-area podcast arena. He's at the forefront of the LA Podcasters group, and of course, produces his own podcast, Verge of the Fringe.

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Grant Baciocco — Podcast Panelist

Grant Baciocco is the co-creator of the popular podcast The Radio Adventures Of Dr. Floyd. This family-friendly new twist on "old time" radio has been delighting families since November of 2004. Grant handles all the "tech" aspects of the podcast in addition to writing and performing the voices of Dr. Grant, Dr. Steve, Fidgert and The Narrator.

Grant is also the lead singer/songwriter of the comedy rock band Throwing Toasters. He's been a Mac nut since he was young and cut his teeth on Hodge Podge on his Aunt's breand new Apple IIe.

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Chuck Behrman — Seminar Instructor (Photography)

Chuck Behrman has spent more than 30 years in professional photography, over 10 utilizing digital imaging techniques. His 700 square foot studio is fully equipped and private, utilizing only the finest cameras, lighting, and state of the art computer equipment. An engineer by training, Chuck has developed a systematic approach to the production of still, video and multimedia projects.

C.H. Behrman Photography currently handles the production of photography, multimedia presentations, and advertisements from concept through delivery. This includes the planning and execution of principal photography via digital imaging. A heavy user of digital imaging and photo-manipulation products, Chuck Behrman has experience in desktop publishing, page layout, design and production of multimedia presentations, as well as teaching and troubleshooting problems involving software and various peripheral devices.

The studio's multimedia related skills include the conceptual planning and authoring of projects for education, advertising and promotion. This includes the creation and integration of text, still images, full motion video, and virtual reality objects as well as the coding and de-bugging of the applications that can then be presented via CD/DVD on the desktop, projected to a large audience, or incorporated into websites on the internet.

In addition to principal photography, Chuck currently consults and coaches one-on-one and teaches workshops and classes. Many of Chuck's workshops and classes are available on tutorial CDs at the classes and workshops or via his site.

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Christian Boyce — Seminar Instructor (Automating Everything)

Christian Boyce has been helping people get more done with their Macs since 1985. A prominent member of the Southern California Macintosh scene, Christian is a frequent speaker at local Macintosh user groups.

His Macintosh consulting business — Christian Boyce, Inc. — was founded in 1987 in Beverly Hills, and expanded in 2005 to include the Austin, Texas area.

Mr. Boyce is the author of several Macintosh how-to books, and a former rocket scientist.

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Shelly Brisbin — Seminar Instructor (Podcast Focus Producer)

Shelly has probably been involved in many an item you've read if you've been reading about Mac for much of its years. She has written 10 books (most recently The MacAddict Guide to Living the iLife) and hundreds of articles for magazines including Macworld, MacAddict, NetProfessional, The Net, NewMedia, WebTechniques, and SunWorld. For 4 1⁄2 years she was the networking editor for MacUser Magazine.

Her real-world expertise comes from jobs such as being Managing Editor/Technology at Powered Inc., Webmaster, system administrator, and consultant.

In her free time, she manages a music-related Web site and mailing list. She comes to the MacGathering from Austin, Texas.

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Mike Browne — Seminar Instructor (Flash)

Mike Browne is a true multimedia artist. Combining old school art techniques, Flash animation and digital photography, Mike creates comedic animation for the mobile device. Today, he is the "Director of Art & Animation" for Cinema Electric, a major aggregator of mobile content. He is one of the first syndicated animators in the mobile space producing a number of shows distributed by Verizon.

Past accomplishments are many, including Shaquille O'Neal's TWISM website, WB's animated series "Let Me Holler@Ya" starring D.L. Hughley, international DVD navigation screens, character design for Warner Brother's Xiaolin Showdown as well as contributing to Rob Reiner's Alex & Emma animated movie opening. His website was voted top independent label hip-hop website of 2004.

Currently his wallpapers are top sellers on T-Mobil, AT&T, Sprint, Bell, Moviso, Telus and many other phone carriers. He has created official NFL football cellphone art for the Chicago Bears as well as official Jerry Springer wallpapers. He was recently informed that his short film, "Brokeback Crash" is a finalist in the Mobifest film festival.

Flowing with the future, Mike is a unique mix of experience and technology. He is a traditional pen & ink cartoonist who adopted digital technology as soon as it was available to the consumer. He is a virtual studio in a box using Flash like a flip book. He writes, storyboards, character designs, and produces all aspects of animation. He even creates the background music, sound effects and lends his voice in voice-over sessions.

Rounding out his personality, Mike practices Tai Chi and is a black belt in Tenshin Kai karate. A former baseball player, Mike has put down the bat and picked up an oar. He is learning how to skull, rowing a single wherry in the morning before starting his animated ventures. Constant movement and change is his way of life, physically, emotionally and artistically.

You can see his work at Mike is also the creator or our great Sinbad animation.

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Victor Cajiao — Discussion Panelist (Which Computer Platform is Right for...)

Victor Cajiao has been in the IT Industry for over 17 years as a Technical Director for a Fortune 60 Company. On a personal level Victor switched to the Mac as his primary OS in September of 2005 but he continues to use Windows as well.

We asked Victor to help SoHo users choose between Mac and Windows because of his dual-platform use and his excellent podcasts where he shares tips on using both: Typical PC User and the newer Typical Mac User. Both shows are consistently among the top 25 most popular technical podcasts at They are free and meant to share his knowledge and passion for all things in technology.

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William Caulfield — — Seminar Instructors (Web Design)

William Caulfield is video encoding manager at Metro Encoding in Los Angeles. He spent most of his youth as a touring Audio Engineer and Manager for Los Lobos, Sonic Youth, Lyle Lovett and many others. His experience in video compression goes back to 1998, a lifetime in web years. After spending three years as lead video encoder for Starmedia Networks, he started Metro Encoding in 2001 to encode video exclusively for the web. Metro Encoding currently encodes video for many of the major film studios and record labels in Los Angeles, including Warner Bros. Records and The Disney Channel.



Adam Christianson — iPod Panelist

Adam started writing BASIC programs on an Apple IIe in the early 80s, then got his own first Apple — a IIGS. He made it through college on a Mac Plus, then migrated to a Performa 575 while working in pre-press for a Portland, OR adv agency. In Portland, with the help of the local Mac User Group (PMUG), he made friends with other Mac Geeks and officially joined the Cult of Macintosh. He quickly moved from pre-press to IT, while freelancing in web design development under the name Terraform Creative.

After and brief stint on the PMUG board of directors, he and his shiny new B&W G3 moved to San Diego to dry out and he began a new life as a Software Engineer, seeking out new Mac Geeks in the San Diego Macintosh Users Group (SDMUG). Adam currently serves on the Board of Directors for SDMUG, as well as the Board of the San Diego Computer Society (SDCS).

In August 2004, he discovered Podcasting and became instantly addicted. In early December 2004 he put out the first MacCast and he hasn't stopped since. He currently produces and publishes 3 MacCasts a week — having a great time doing it. The Macintosh and the Mac community continue to amaze and inspire him; he's happy to be one of the crazy ones.

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Jerry Christie— Seminar Instructor (Professional Audio)

From jazz to hiphop Jerry Christie has been part of it all in the music world during his 41 years, so far, as a recording engineer. He has engineered for Chick Corea, Tiffany, Justin Timberlake, Jessica Simpson, Boyz II Men, Lenny Kravitz, Jessica Andrews, and Brian McKnight just to name a few and show some of his diversity. No matter what the sound, Jerry knows how to make it sound its best.

Jerry has set up mics in studios and on tour, mixed, mastered, and more. The things he’s learned and the tricks he’s worked out, impress the heck out of long-time musicians — and he’s coming to share them with you.

Teaching at an event like this is a departure for Jerry. Typically to learn from him requires enrolling in either the Musician's Institute in Hollywood, or the at the Los Angeles Recording School.

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James Cliame — Seminar Instructor (FInance)

James Cliame, President of NetResult Accounting Software Solutions based in San Diego, is an accounting software consultant currently focusing primarily on customization and training for small to medium-sized growing businesses using QuickBooks and related services (e.g., payroll, POS, other add-ons) In that role, he's a member of the Intuit Developer Network division and he has clients on both Windows and Mac.

Prior to 2005, James also performed bookkeeping services and his focus included programs such as Mas90, Peachtree, MYOB, Microsoft Small Business Manager, Great Plains, and QuickBooks. James has been a part-time controller and CFO for several different small companies including four years (2000-2004) as comptroller for an offset press company/digital processing service (in a Mac environment). From 1994-1998 James was controller for the makers of VersaCheck Software.

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Anita Cohen-Williams — Seminar Instructor (SEO)

Anita Cohen-Williams is the founder of MySearchGuru, a search engine optimization firm. She is also the Web Marketing Specialist for Marketing Impressions, a San Diego-based marketing agency. Anita is currently teaching a class on SEO through the Learning Annex in San Diego. In addition, she has a number of blogs on SEO, search engines, and business. Anita is the San Diego Meetup organizer for both the SEO and Web Design Meetups.

Anita's interests run from search engines to historical archaeology. She is the list owner of three archaeological discussion lists, and has two archaeology blogs. She was given the Award of Merit from the Society for Historical Archaeology for her pioneering work in getting archaeologists online. Anita also serves on the Advisory Board of the California Missions Foundation, a non-profit organization that works towards preserving the Spanish Colonial missions of the state.

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Debbie Cohen-Sitt — Seminar Instructor (FileMaker Pro)

Debbie Cohen-Sitt is Managing Partner of the Southern California-based FileMaker development firm, The Database Factory ( She is a Certified member of the FileMaker Solutions Alliance and a Certified member of the Apple Consultants Network.

Debbie has been a technology professional since 1984 as an analyst, developer, manager and educator with experience in a wide array of industries including advertising, entertainment, healthcare and real estate.

Debbie writes articles for FileMaker Pro Advisor magazine, speaks at the Worldwide FileMaker Developer's Conference, is co-founder and current Board Member of the nation's largest FileMaker Developer Group, FMDiSC (, and is a frequent speaker on FileMaker at Los Angeles-area Apple Stores.

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Joe Crawford and Leah Peterson — Seminar Instructors (Web Design)

Joe Crawford and Leah Peterson are the co-founders of Crawberts — a web design and development company. Crawberts builds websites, web applications, and provides maintenance for a wide range of clients.

Joe Crawford has been building websites since 1996 as a designer and programmer.

Leah Peterson is a Project Manager, blogger, writer, photographer and fine artist.

Together, and with their small team of programmers, they build stunning and well-designed websites for clients of all sizes. Find out more about them at Leah can be found at and Joe at

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Charles Edge — Seminar Instructor & Discussion Panelist (Which OS...)

In January of 2000 Charles arrived at Three18, a boutique consulting firm in Santa Monica, California. At Three18, Charles has worked with Network Architecture and Security for government agencies, film, graphics, production, advertising and design clients. As a partner at Three18 Charles manages a team of engineers and programmers.

Charles maintains an MCSE with Microsoft, a Network+ with Comptia and an ACSA with Apple. His first book, Mac Tiger Server Little Black Book is available through Paraglyph Press. His second book, Web Admin Scripting Little Black Book will be released in July and his third book, Windows Server Little Black Book will be released in February.

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Steve Eisenberg — Seminar Instructor (Web)

Steve Eisenberg has worked professionally on the Internet since 1994 when he was a technical editor for the first Internet job search guide, Hook Up, Get Hired (published by John Wiley & Sons).

For the last 8 years he has taught computer, network, internet and web technology classes at the community college and university extension level.

His experience includes designing and developing large websites for government and medical centers. Currently he helps individuals and small business clients learn how to promote, grow and make $$$ with their websites.

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Jeff Foster — Seminar Instructor (Motion Graphics)

Jeff Foster has authored and contributed to several Adobe After Effects & Photoshop tutorial and training how-to books, including the Photoshop Web Magic series and Special Edition: Using Photoshop series. He is an Adobe Certified Expert and has appeared regularly as a member of the Instructor Dream Team at Photoshop World and as a featured speaker at Macworld User Conferences and the NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) Convention.

Foster has been creating traditional and digital images, photography, illustration, motion graphics and special effects for DV and Film for over 20 years. His clients include: Sanyo, McDonnell Douglas, FOX Television, Spike TV, Discovery/TLC, Universal Studios and Disney.

His current book title, After Effects and Photoshop - Animation and Production Effects for DV and Film, provides tips and tricks for creating believable animations and reveals special effects secrets the professionals have been using for years. This book is in it's Second Edition and covers the latest versions of After Effects 7 and Photoshop CS2.He has also recently completed 3 new titles for for After Effects, After Effects 7 Essential Training, After Effects 7 and Photoshop CS2 Integration and After Effects 7 Animation Techniques.

Jeff is currently working as a corporate trainer and creative director/producer in his Long Beach, CA studio. You can learn more about him at His books and such will be available for purchase in the exhibit hall at the Speaker's Products/Book signing booth. We'll be announcing signings at the show.

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Bruce Gerson — Seminar Instructor (Palm)

Bruce has been in the computer business since 1983 when he bought his first computer, an Apple //e. From writing his first program (a résumé writer) on the //e to dBASE and Lotus 1-2-3 programming on the PC, through Microsoft Basic and Pascal on the Macintosh 128K in 1984, Bruce has always been one to get into the technology of a product and determining how to tweak it and make it easier and more fun to use.

After selling the first Apple Lisa in Southern California, he attended a pre-release training class for the Macintosh and was hooked! He was one of the founding members of the Los Angeles Macintosh Users' Group and continued to support local users' groups when he worked for Apple in the late 90's. Upon leaving Apple in 1999, he began a consulting business in Southern California (MacSquad, formerly BSG Solutions). His mission is to take some of the mystery out of getting computers to do what we want them to do rather than the other way around. He takes his years of experience and turns the highly technical world of computing into everyday language and concepts which EVERYONE can understand.

When he isn't working with clients, he spends time with his wife, Linda and his remaining dog and cat, Brownie and Tigger. He's an avid photographer and rose grower and loves to travel whenever he can (but leaves his computer at home while always taking his Treo phone).

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Mark HartmanMark Hartman — Seminar Instructor (Wireless & Database)

Mark has been professionally counseling inanimate objects and their owners for over 30 years. As a certified member of the Apple Consultants Network, he provides consulting services to customers from Ventura to the Mexican border.

His interest in computers started at an early age, when his parents bought him a "computer" kit, made of plastic and metal rods. His constant request of his father was that he be given a "control panel" - known today as a video game.

After working for several small software companies and third-party systems suppliers, he started his own computer services and consulting firm which later merged with a full-service computer company, becoming Vice-President of Engineering for that firm. When Apple released the Macintosh, he left to start Mark Hartman Computer Solutions and has been consulting for individuals, business and government since. His industry experience includes financial, transportation, manufacturing, entertainment, education, communications, and medical - and more. One of his many distinctions in the Macintosh area is the authoring of the very first 32-bit color paint program for the Macintosh (Photon Paint for Mac).

His other interests include his involvement with, our show's official banner supplier, long-time service to the people of the State of California through the Governor's Office of Emergency Services, and amateur radio (AA6MH). He has been married to his wife Kimberly for over 25 years, and they have five children. He lives just east of San Diego.

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Gabriel Khofri — Seminar Instructor (Audio)

Gabriel Khofri is a Product Specialist for BIAS Inc.

Gabe edits and produces QuickTime promotional and tutorial videos for BIAS, and also gives clinics on BIAS audio software tools at trade shows and interested user groups.

When not working, Gabe uses his computer for music composition mixing/mastering, digital media development, audio/video editing and encoding, DVD design/authoring, freelance web development/design, and digital media consulting.

Prior to professional audio with BIAS, Gabes background was in Quality Assurance for Sonic Solutions.



Dan KlassDan Klass — Seminar Instructor (Audio/Podcasting)

Dan Klass is one of the most well-known and well-respected independent podcasters and podcasting consultants in the country. His comedy/talk podcast, The Bitterest Pill, has been heralded as “endearing,” “intelligent,” and “sublime” by The New York Times, and has been featured in The Christian Science Monitor,, Business Week, and on NPR, WNBC and Fox News. December 2005 saw the release of The Bitterest Pill Volume One: Under The Flight Path, a collection of stories on compact disc from the podcast’s first year.

Klass co-wrote Podcast Solutions: the Complete Guide to Podcasting (Friends of ED Publishing), with podcasting icon Micheal W. Geoghegan. This insightful guide to all-things-podcasting is already in it’s second printing, is being used as a text book at Duke University and is one of only a handful of non-software specific books carried in the nation’s Apple Stores.

Klass produces The Bitterest Pill, Old Wave Radio: New 80’s Music, The Hudson Original video podcast and podcasts for corporate clients under his umbrella.

He lives just north of Terminal 7 at LAX with his one wife, two children and three Macs.

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Jonathan LevitJonathan Levit — Seminar Instructor (Print Design)

Jonatha has fast become one of the premiere trainers in desktop publishing technologies.

With a background in advertising and graphic design, Jonathan joined the ranks of Quark, Inc at their Denver headquarters. There he received the technical knowledge required to understand the intricacies of QuarkXPress and surrounding products. He also become a member of the training team and a founding member of the Quark Evangelist team — where he honed his skills as a trainer and speaker on all things Quark. The Quark experience fostered a progression into the workings and utilization of Adobe InDesign. Now, as an ACE certifi ed trainer, Jonathan has been introducing and consulting companies to the world of desktop publishing and design as they work with Adobe InDesign. He has also been the driving force migrating scores of companies from QuarkXPress to InDesign.

Jonathan's background and history as a performer and actor have aided in his ability to communicate with small or large groups and to instruct in a way that encourages learning. He conveys knowledge in an understandable way as he creates a fun atmosphere. You can learn more about him at

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Fielden LundyFielden Lundy — Seminar Instructor (Graphic Design)

Fielden has been creating all of his life. From art to graphics to model making to photography. He studied engineering to design cars but found the designing more appealing than the engineering. Digital art gave his degree new life and meaning as it helped him to understand technology, use it effectively, and explain it to others. Macs have been a part of his life for over 15 years. He enjoys teaching, encouraging and finding ways to use the latest technology.

He has done graphic work for Honda, Nissan, Toyota and other car companies, most of the major aerospace companies, individuals and manufacturing clients. He has designed and produced presentations for litigators, software companies and major corporations and his graphic and photographic work has been published.

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Steve Martin — Seminar Instructor (Pro Video)

Steve, President of Ripple Training, has over 14 years of experience as an editor, producer and trainer and has been using and teaching Final Cut Pro since 1999.

Steve is THE expert behind — the writer, producer, voice — of all of Apple's Video apps Quick Tours at Steve is also the worldwide trainer of all certified trainers for Apple's Pro apps: Final Cut Studio and Motion.

Steve is known around the world for his easy-going, straight forward, teaching style and for his video expertise. He has taught workshops at NAB, Macworld, DV Expo, QuickTime Live and the American Film Institute. It's an honor to have Steve Martin join us at the MacGathering. But you don't even have to wait until the MacGathering to learn from Steve. You can start with his RippleCasts (Ripple Podcasts) any time.

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Jim Mitchell — Seminar Instructor

Jim started out with an SE/30 and a whole lot of love for his Mac. It was during those early years using PageMaker, Freehand and Photoshop that he learned the importance of keeping his system in tip-top shape. Now a system administrator (among other things) with over 20 years of user support under his belt, Jim's ongoing projects help keep the Macs of others running smoothly and efficiently.

Based in Huntington Beach (Surf City), California, Jim started his own business, like many Mac-folk, as a graphic design artist. As his business grew, he found himself committing more and more time to creating business solutions, which ultimately led him to change gears, becoming a full time systems administrator and FileMaker developer.

As his efforts began to focus on servicing Mac OS X workstations, Jim saw the need to create a simple, yet effective tool for OS X administrators that would allow them to quickly address routine maintenance issues. This vision led to his development of Yasu (Yet another system utility), which has become very popular with both system administrators, and regular users alike.

Currently, Jim works with private businesses and non-profit surfing organizations around the Orange County area, helping them solve their business and operational needs. Learn more about Jim at

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David PalermoDavid Palermo — Seminar Instructor (QuickTime VR)

David is one of the leading experts in the emerging field of Photographic Virtual Reality. His Santa Barbara-based company, WorldVR, brings places to life on your computer screen.

David worked at Apple Computer for seven years and was Product Mangager for QuickTime and QuickTime VR — the multimedia VR technology invented by Apple that has become the industry standard for Photographic Virtual Tours worldwide on the Internet, CDs, DVDs, PCs, Apple Macintosh, as well as on SONY Clies and other hand-held devices.

After leaving Apple in 1999, David joined MetaCreations as Senior Product Manager for the award winning product KPT Bryce — software that allows one to create virtual worlds.

After 3-year sabbatical, he's returned to the photographic virtual tour industry and the soon-to-be announced next generation 360° video technology. WorldVR specializes in creating the highest quality Virtual Tours using the best VR technology available. David now travels worldwide speaking about VR Tours and consults companies and photographers on how to put this technology to its best use. WorldVR has created virtual tours for prestigious companies including The Smithsonian National Air And Space Museum, Sotheby’s International, Apple Computer, EOS Winery, Microsoft, Cessna, The Esplanade in Singapore, Heesen Yachts, Jefferson Yachts, The Four Seasons Resorts and even NASA.

One piece of work created along with Tim Petros, is the promo for Constantine starring Keanu Reeves. Tim composed the artwork and QTVR movie. David did the sky/atmosphere background illustration in Bryce.

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Tim PetrosTim Petros — Seminar Instructor (QuickTime VR)

Tim Petros was first introduced to QuickTime VR in the summer of '95. He immediately realized that a distinct and new form of "interactive" photography had been born — and it was perfectly suited for emerging interactive media forms such as CD-ROM, kiosk, intranet, and the World Wide Web. His company, Gyroscope Interactive Photography, now in its 8th year, has produced quality QuickTime VR content for Warner Bros., Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, Disney Online, Fox Interactive, Tower Records, Motorola, Toshiba, Audi, Isuzu, Kinkos, the L.A. Kings, and many more. You can see samples of his GyroPANOS and his GyroOBJECTS at his site. His latest work is created along with Dave Palermo, is the promo for Constantine starring Keanu Reeves. Tim composed the artwork and QTVR movie. David did the sky/atmosphere background illustration in Bryce. You can learn more about TIm at

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Michael Pliskin — Seminar Instructor (Photography)

Michael Pliskin is an award-winning professional photographer and digital artist who began his professional career at age sixteen as a sports and news photographer for a newspaper in his hometown in New York. He studied journalism and photography in college and earned a BFA degree in Photography and Design from California Institute of the Arts (CalArts).

After a stint a managing professional graphics labs and a photo studio in Beverly Hills he was hired by Nikon, where he worked for almost twelve years as a technical advisor in photography and digital imaging. During his last three years at Nikon, Michael managed Nikon's Digital Imaging technical support for the western half of the U.S. Michael was Technical Editor on several books on Nikon film cameras, including B. Moose Peterson's popular Nikon System Handbook.

Besides commercial photography, Michael covers a variety of assignments in the aviation, technology and entertainment fields. His work has been published in books, magazines and corporate annual reports in the United States and Europe, and also appears on the covers and inserts of concert movie DVDs like "Chicago and Earth, Wind & Fire: Live at the Greek". Several of his photos were selected for publication in the "America 24/7" and California 24/7" books. His photography was included with the work of some of the world's best aviation photographers in the "Code One: Special Aviation Photography Edition" book in 2005. Last year a gallery exhibit of his aviation photography was displayed at the Spruce Goose aviation museum in Oregon and was held over for six months because of its popularity. His clients have included United Airlines, TRW, Rockwell Collins, Aviation Week and Space Technology, Flight International, Imagine, Nikon Inc., Lockheed-Martin, Delilah Films, Image Entertainment, and many others.

Michael is a member of ASMP (American Society of Media Photographers) and ISAP (International Society of Aviation Photographers). You can visit him on the web at

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Andrew ShaletAndrew Shalat — Seminar Instructor (Print Design)

Andrew specializes in website design and development, corporate identity programs, marketing materials, advertising concept and design, and illustration. (Andrew's site) His skill in fine art, and commercial art combines with his experience in marketing, art direction and writing and computing have combined to give him a unique insight into a broad spectrum of the technology, publishing and art worlds.Andrew Shalat's book, MacDesign out of the box

A painter and illustrator since his early teens, Andrew has over 20 years of design experience. Since 1982 he has been a writer, designer and illustrator, and instructor. Andrew currently writes for Macworld magazine,, and Much of his written work can be found online and in print. And now he also has a book out: Mac Design Out of the Box, published by PeachPit.

Andrew has been an instructor of digital and web design, Photoshop and Illustrator, and has been a panelist and speaker at many Graphic Imaging and Design seminars since 1990. He has been technical editor on books about Adobe Illustrator 10 and CS, and Photoshop CS. He continues to act as a design and marketing consultant and illustrator for several publications in that field. His work spans the gamut of new media, from web site design to interactive multimedia to traditional print media.

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Rick Thues skydivingRick Thues — Seminar Instructor (Mac)

Rick Thues is the iMentor. This isn't just his company name; it's what he does. He mentors people about how their computer works. Rick is an Apple certified technician who can troubleshoot a Macintosh, yet explain the computer in non-technical terms. The iMentor is a private tutor who makes housecalls to your home or business.

In his real life, Rick is an avid skydiver who has participated in several world records. He has made over 3200 skydives.

First computer? My first computer was an 8K Imagination Machine in 1979. This was a Motorola 6800 game machine (like an Atari 2600) which had a keyboard and audio cassette storage drive bused onto it from the game cartridge slot. You could program it with Apple basic. In 1984 I bought my first Mac 1 month after the super bowl commercial introducing it.

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Douglas E. Welch — Discussion Panelist (Which OS...)

Douglas E. Welch is a 20-year high-tech veteran, whose corporate IT experience includes 5 years with Walt Disney Imagineering, a stint with and more. For the past 10 years he has been an independent consultant helping home and small office users get the most out of their technology. Most of Doug's clients are on Windows more while quite a few are using Macs.

We selected Doug for this panel because of this statement: "I have somewhat of a stock answer when people ask me about which platform to use. It is mainly based on who they need to work with and then what they need to do."

Douglas is also the author of Career Opportunities: The High-Tech Career Handbook, a weekly column in its 9th year of publication with ComputorEdge magazine in San Diego, California. Career Opportunities is also a twice-weekly podcast and recently celebrated its 150th podcast since its inception in September 2004.

You can learn more about Doug at

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Ann Zumwinkle — Panelist (Web)

Ann's career has been dedicated to creating interfaces and designs to help people learn and to get messages across, predominatly in with museums and schools. Clarity and interactivity are key in many of these projects. Since 2001, she has been out on her own, owner of Prior to that she worked for schools and museums.

As a senior web designer, she designed and produced animated narrative presentations and interactive exercises in Flash and HTML for online courses and marketing presentations. When the Getty was new and growing, Ann was a driving force there; she managed internal technical training program, and earlier, as Publications Assistant at the Getty, she was responsible for all stages of publication production. Before coming to the Getty, she supervised staff of 11 developing animation, ink & paint, titling, corporate presentations, and music videos forC clients including TRW, Warner Bros., Sears, Carnation, irs Records, KCRW.

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Gary Zweig — Seminar Instructor (FInance)

Gary founded Gary M. Zweig, an Accountancy Corporation in 1979. His tax-based practice serves small and midsize businesses, as well as private individuals. The firm provides tax preparation, tax planning, tax audit representation, financial statements, business advisory consultations, estate and trust administration as well as bookkeeping services. With over 30 years of practice as a CPA, Gary offers his clients strategic ideas that may provide long-term financial benefits. He identifies key planning opportunities that help minimize both current and future tax liabilities.

As a native San Diegan, he understands the needs of local corporate management, entrepreneurs as well as salaried employees. Gary received his degree in economics and accounting from San Diego State University. He resides in Carmel Valley.

Gary Zweig is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. With membership, CPAs are guided and directed by the Code of Professional Conduct which ensures competence, integrity and objectivity. Members are required to attend continuing education programs. Gary is also a member of the San Diego Chapter of the California Society of Certified Public Accountants (CalCPA).

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