The first ever
Regional Macintosh Gathering
for Southern California Mac users


Friday Evening Social

6pm 'til Midnight
Note: The tickets erroneously say this begins at 1pm.

Enjoy a chance to hang out, listen to good music, maybe play a game with new friends?
Then join us Friday from 6:00pm until maybe midnight

  • We’ll have tables, games available, and 2 types of excellent live music

    • Teri Hitt: With an eclectic style and organic energy present in each song, Teri offers an ethereal fusion of beatnik storytelling and poetic lyrics. Teri’s music takes you back to the day when an album or set would take a listener on an emotional and psychological journey. Teri performs with Christopher Lopez. You can learn more about Teri Hill at her site.

    • Nuance: an exciting instrumental ensemble that blends a savory variety of contemporary styles. Nuance covers a wide musical spectrum that includes afro-caribbean, rhythm & blues, pop, funk & latin-jazz. The group consists of Scott Ickes, drums & percussion; Lorenzo Sanchez, piano & keyboard; Mark Vincent, guitar; and John Wiemken on bass.

  • Thanks to Blue Screen Gaming, we had network gaming. There's a small fee to play but it's really affordable and a lot of fun.

  • Saturday's our official fancy catered dinner party. This night, Friday is casual night. If you'd like to come hang out, you're welcome to bring your own dinner, a pizza, drinks of your choice and join us. You're also welcome to bring board games or bring your PowerBook.

  • And maybe (just maybe), some of the vendors will let you visit their exhibits.

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