The first ever
Regional Macintosh Gathering
for Southern California Mac users

We've got a whole lot of stuff for you. Take a look.

User Group Style Vendor Presentations — with a twist

We Mac users always love learning about sortware and hardware directly from the vendors behind the product. With 2 full hours dedicated to each vendor presentation there's plenty of time. There will be from 1 - 3 presentations in each time slot. For the most-part, each vendor will present on both Saturday & Sunday to make it easier for you to make it there. There is no charge for these presentations. We strongly encourage you to attend as they are a terrific opportunity to learn more about things you know or discover new solutions.
More info here.


Other Educational Presentations

We've got a lot of room, so after a day of vendor presentations we'll have some other educational sessions. We want to be sure to give you some great advice on things like making the move to OS X or customizing your OS X system and perhaps even an intro to the Terminal. Maybe we'll have a word processing tips session. And we'll definately have a session about keeping your Mac secure. We honestly have more ideas and instructors than time slots and spaces so we're still working it all out.
More info here.

Vendor Exhibits

Sat & Sun, 10am - 6:30 pm
Enjoy quality time one on one with vendors to learn what they have to offer you for your Mac. A great tip: when you’re new to the Mac or don’t know a product, just listening in on other folk’s questions can be a great education.
Vendor list.

Swap Meet

Three days of swap meet opportunity. Pick the day that works best for you or check it out all days. More info here.

Help Corner

Free advice or help from local area Mac consultants including Apple Consultant Network members.

Consultants available will include:
Scott Immman (ACN), S.E.A.L. Systems - Greater LA
Franklin Marder (ACN) - Greater LA
Ismael Rosales (ACN),Green Building Concepts
Paul Wouk (ACN), King of the Little Screen - Long Beach


Community Gatherings

Designated tables in quiet areas where you can gather to share ideas. For example, we'll have a Teacher's Area. Areas will be available days, and perhaps evenings as well. And we're open to ideas or impromptu gatherings. Just send an email to the gathering coordinator. Be sure to include pertinent information. For example, if you'd like to meet at a particular time and have us post the meeting, tell us. If there's an anticipated group size, let us know. Or if you plan to lead the discussion, let us know that, too.


Networked Gaming Corner

Blue Screen Gaming will be setting up a gaming corner of networked computers for kids of all ages to enjoy some good competition for a small fee. You've gotta try the Dance Dance Revolution (DDR)! Children are welcome so you can learn Mac stuff to your heart's content while your kids are entertained. (Kids under 12 need an adult though.)

The gaming fun starts on Friday evening and runs all day Saturday. We're not sure if they'll be able to be with us on Sunday, but maybe if we encourage them....


Fee-based Classes

We've got some amazing, yet inexpensive classes on Friday, Saturday, & Sunday. The schedule and fees is on the Class page. And your general admission ticket is on us with any class.


Worried about being away from your email?

Weve got T1 access via Airport for you.


User Group Desk

One of the best ways to learn about your Mac is to join a user group and attend their monthly meetings. Even if a topic is over your head, keep listening. One day something will happen and you'll recall that discussion and it'll click and save your butt.

There are around 36 Mac user groups in Southern California. Wonder whether there's a "MUG" in your area? Want to find out more? Stop by and ask the great volunteers who are there to help you.

Saturday Night Dinner & Dance Party

An excellent dinner of award-winning cuisine.
Live music. Dancing. Games. A chance to hang out with great Mac folks.
More info here.

NOTE: Around 10, after dinner, we may open the dance floor and no-host bar to everyone.
So you might unwind with a game or good coversation after the Mac stuff closes down, then come dance later on.


Friday Night Swap Meet & Social

Swap Mac or office related stuff. Enjoy live music, play a game, or just hang out.
More info here.


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