The first ever
Regional Macintosh Gathering
for Southern California Mac users

Swap Meet — 3 days of swapping opportunity

Since we're got the Queen Mary for 3 days, we can bring you 3 days of swap meet opportunity. Pick the day that works best for you or check it out all days. Sellers can come one day or all days. They may choose to sell at 10 when the show opens or just for an afternoon. So unlike one-day meets where you'd expect the "good stuff" to be gone by noon, any time may be a great time to come across a find.

Swap Meet Times:

Friday 6:00pm - maybe midnight
(NOTE: we will not be starting the swap meet at 1:00 due to show set-up.)
Saturday 10:00am - 5:00pm
Sunday 10:00am - 5:00pm


Have stuff to sell?

It's an easy commute from the rest of the Mac Gathering down the escalator to the swap meet (with an elevator to make it easy for those unable to use the escalator) so chances are good that everyone at the Mac Gathering will pop by to see what you have to offer.

There's much to be said for eBay, but with a swap meet you don't have to deal with shipping, payment can be less worry, and you can see what you're getting. If you've got non-Mac items, ask us and we'll let you know if we think they fit the meet.

We've got room for about 40 tables at any given time.
Six-foot seller's tables are:

  • $20 for Friday
  • $40 for Saturday
  • $40 for Sunday.
  • Or, $75 for all days.

If you have stuff but not enough to book a table for a day, or if you want to sell something but don't want to spend the day, consider getting your user group to go in on a table. You can all take turns watching the table two at a time, work out fair pricing with your fellow UG members, and know how to find your mates upstairs.

You must issue a receipt for items you sell and we will help you mark them as properly sold so we can know that people leaving the Exhibit Hall have purchased the items.

Terms: You are responsible for moving your stuff in safely, for your own security, and for removing your unsold goods from the Exhibit Hall. We'll be using the room on Saturday night and moving the tables so you'll need to take your stuff with you at 5:00pm that evening. (We will not have a lock-up area.)

If you’d like a swap meet table, please send an stating what day(s) you're interested in, roughly what you'll sell, and providing your contact info. We'll get back to you and provide registration and payment info and instructions. You can pay by cash, MasterCard, Visa, or Discover.

The swap meet is only for the sale/exchange of used Mac and Mac related items. Resellers of new materials can apply for a Exhibit Hall booth by contacting

Consignment table

If you prefer not to man a table, you may use our consignment desk. Swap Meet Pro, Mike Ehrman is at your service for a 10% commission if the item sells.

You bring your stuff any time during the day any day. At any time you can come pick up your stuff or collect your money if it sold.

We recommend you provide a description of your product if you want to enhance it's selling power. List add-ons, etc.

You let Mike know, in writing, your asking price. We recommend you put a sticker on each item listing the asking price. If you have an alternate price you can let him know that too, in writing.

You bring your item(s) in any time after 10am when the doors open. The swap meet closes at 5pm, so by 5 you need to pick up stuff at or by 5. To put something up for consignment, you can simply bring it with you, but as a courtesy we ask you to to let him know what you're bringing and when.

We'll post more details, like the legalities here later tonight.

The swap meet is only for the sale/exchange of used Mac and Mac related items. Resellers of new materials can apply for a Exhibit Hall booth by contacting


Thinking of buying?

Unlike some swap meets, there's no cost to attend this one. That is, the admission is included in your Mac Gathering ticket. So you get vendor exhibits, vendor presentations, the swap meet, and all the rest of the Mac Gathering offerings on the same ticket.

Thinking you might like to buy something but not sure you'll know if a purchase is a good move? Just an escalator ride upwards is the Help Desk. Tried and true Mac consultants will be on hand to lend advice. We'll also have copies of Mac catalogs handy so you can check software versions.

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