The first ever
Regional Macintosh Gathering
for Southern California Mac users

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Press Release
For Immediate Publication
Los Angeles, CA
March 18, 2003

Regional Macintosh Gathering Brings Mac Users Together

What is compression? Where are my fonts and how to I add fonts? Is that a computer error and how do I fix it? How do I keep my data safe? If I get an Airport, will strangers be able to see my files? These are the kinds of questions computer users have at one time or another — and they're the type of questions that will be answered in detail at the new Regional Macintosh Gathering at the Queen Mary in Long Beach from April 4th - 6th.

The Mac Gathering, as people are calling it, is a new event, providing a unique mix of everything a Macintosh user seeks.

At the vendor expo you can meet the people behind popular Mac software and hardware, meet resellers and make purchases. Sit down with the product marketing group of a software such as ThinkFree Office and let them know what features you'd love them to add. Sit with a graphic artist and learn how to use Stone Studio. Meet the folks at MacAlly as your try their mice to see which one is most comfortable for you.

In the free vendor presentations the StuffIt folks will explain compression, The TechTool Pro and Data Rescue/Data Backup folks will show you data safety. The Font Reserve folks will teach you font management. And eZedia will provide a solid get-started understanding of iMovie, then show you how to create professional effects.

In the swap meet area you can buy or sell used equipment. In the Help area, professional consultants can answer your questions. In low-cost classes you can learn from top experts how to use AppleWorks or FileMaker Pro for your business, learn professional color handling, how to set up a web server, or what it takes to make a quality movie.

And all the while, your children or spouse can play games at the BlueScreen Gaming networked computer gaming area or sit down to a board game. Then, at night, you're invited to enjoy great live music and the company of fellow Mac users.

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