The first ever
Regional Macintosh Gathering
for Southern California Mac users

Vendor Presentations & Exhibits

Once upon a time the Queen Mary's Exhibit Hall was the ship's #5 Boiler Room, Forward Engine Room, Hospital, and Main Galley’s Pantry. On April 5th & 6th it will be home to some of our favorite vendors.


Unlike most trade shows, there is no open call for vendors. More like a user group meeting, we have hand-picked a selection of Mac vendors and personally invited them to attend. (Which is not to say if a vendor is not here we don't like them.) Our goal is a diverse selection of helpful products that you can get to know well by attending. Vendors are still signing on, so check back here for updates.

  • Adobe. Adobe brings us Acrobat, GoLive, InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, and more. Come sit down and see what these fine apps can do for your creativity. If you've been wondering about the reality of InDesign, come learn about it. (Adobe will be at the show Saturday only.)
  • Aladdin Systems, Inc., makers of the StuffIt line of compression products and more
  • All4DVD. The only company a DVD user needs. All4DVD courseware, DVD duplicaition/replication, DVD authoring/encoding. Products: Firewire hard drives, DVD recorders, DVD media, encoding solutions. (All4DVD will be at the show Saturday only as they're on the way to NAB at dawn Sunday.)
  • Ambrosia Software.Ambrosia Software, Inc. is a small company dedicated to bringing you quality software, excellent support, and innovative ideas all at a reasonable cost. Ambrosia creates personal productivity tools that make using your computer a more enjoyable experience, as well as anti-productivity tools (games) that are just plain fun. We give you commercial-quality software at a fraction of the price, with the added convenience of being able to try out the software before you pay for it.
  • Corel. Corel's portfolio of exceptional graphics solutions addresses the needs of creative and technical design professionals. These solutions include CorelDRAW Graphics Suite, CorelR PainterT, KnockOut, and CorelR DESIGNERT, a product that delivers maximum precision for the creation of technical drawings. In addition, the company has recently introduced a new graphics application designed specifically for the Tablet PC: CorelR GrafigoT.
  • DiamondSoft.DiamondSoft sets the trend in cutting-edge, font management technology with Font Reserve, the most feature-rich and powerful tool available anywhere on any platform for organizing, previewing, and managing your fonts. Font Reserve is the ultimate solution whether it's one copy of Font Reserve Single User or a 100+ seat installation of Font Reserve Server.
  • Di-No Computers of Pasadena, a friendly neighborhood reseller and authorized Macinstosh service center waiting to fill you in on the details of flat panel monitors and more. The Di-No booth will feature Formac and Apple large format flat screen monitors, Macintosh system packages, and other hardware and software.
  • eZedia Inc. has become a leader in digital-media software technology whose growing family of products currently include: eZediaMX, eZediaQTI and a series of plug-ins for iMovie.
  • Fixamac Software, bringing you Print Center Repair, ready to rescue you when you can't add a printer, need to reset your Print Center app and start fresh, or have other gremlins lurking that prevent you from printing.
  • Giga Designs, Giga Designs is a company dedicated to enhancing the computing experience of the Mac OS user. Our goal is to provide performance and reliability, while exceeding our customer's expectation of value. We design and manufacture our products in nothern California. Our current product and offerings are CPU upgrade cards for PowerMac G4 models with AGP graphics.
  • Groundlevel Software, makers of the newest peer-to-peer file-sharing tool, Drumbeat. (We need to test the internet connection before we can invite them with assurance, but they're committed to be there if we can give them the go-ahead.)
  • Jenny Sutherland, custom, hand painted T-shirts. Jenny creates hand painted, permanent designs. When we learned she does Mac themes we asked her to show her wares. She'll have some designs to sell on the spot, but mostly takes orders for one-of-a-kind designs. If you want a pic of your own Mac at home, bring a printed picture and she'll paint from that. She does humourous, serious, cartoon or whatever you'd like. She can make up slogans, or paint your ideas... you name it. The average price is $35.00 which includes shipping.
  • 3D textures, and stock footage for Final Cut Pro
  • MacAlly, maker of excellent hardware at very affordable prices.
  • Mac-Fusion. Apple Specialist Mac-Fusion can be your local reseller in Long Beach. They'll be focusing on wireless Mac communication: Airport Extreme, Airport antennas, USB printer sharing, and Bluetooth communication to the Palm and to phones. Oh... and the Macs they'll do this from? The 12" and 17" PowerBooks, of course.
  • MadsonLine
  • Micromat. Since 1989 Mac users have relied on Micromat for their monitoring, diagnostic, troubleshooting and repair utilities. Old timers will remember Micromat's original monitoring and diagnostic utility, MacEKG™, which was used by NASA on Space Shuttle flight STS-51 to test the effects of microgravity on digital electronic equipment in space! That was the first time in history that NASA has performed such an experiment. Today users look to TechTool Pro and Drive 10 to test and maintain their hard drive's health.
  • Microtek, innovators in digital imaging. Scanners, LCD flat panel displays, LCD projectors.
  • MYOB Small Business accounting software
  • Free music, promotion and web sites for the music industry
  • PeachPit Press. Peachpit Press is a publisher of high quality easy-to-read how-to books on graphics, Web design, multimedia, and desktop publishing. We also publish New Riders, Macromedia Press, and Adobe Press books.
  • Prosoft Engineering, Inc. Prosoft Engineering, the developers of NetWare, add the Data Safety System to their line of innovative products. The Data Safety System includes Data Rescue, an application specializing in data recovery, not disk repair; Data Backup, a powerful yet simple backup application; and Data Recycler, an instant undelete program for when you wish you hadn't emptied the trash.
  • Provue Development, maker of Panorama - an easy, powerful database program
  •, Inc. SecureMac is devoted to the security of your Macintosh computer and the programs or servers you run on it. SecureMac started in February of 1999. We have served thousands of people, helping them secure their networks and detect hackers. SecureMac is also the maker of MacScan X.
  • Stone Design Corp. Stone Studio consists of Create®, PhotoToWeb®, PStill™, GIFfun™, SliceAndDice™, PackUp&Go™ and TimeEqualsMoney™. These apps work together to build beautiful web sites quickly, handle digital photos, produce PDFs, and track and bill clients. Create alone ($149) has the key features in: Illustrator/Freehand, QUARK/PageMaker, and GoLive/DreamWeaver.
  • ThinkFree Corp. ThinkFree Office, the $49 Office alternative, lets you read — and create — Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents. Now you can be compatible with your clients or associates even when you don't have budget for Microsoft Office.
  • Word of Mouse Games, suppliers of Snood & Candy Crisis
  • World Without Borders will on site, bringing the Mac Gathering to desktops around the world with its live chat on Friday and Saturday. You can see them in action, right on the show floor.

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